Is ‘return to office’ necessary for eCommerce jobs?

May 26, 2023 3:47:25 PM

Are professionals working in eCommerce jobs happy about the return to office model?

Many businesses across the globe are slowly beginning to encourage their teams back into the office on a more regular basis, and there have been some controversies over whether or not it is going to improve productivity of the workforce or upset the balance.

Is the eCommerce industry following suit?

We have seen the likes of Amazon and Apple demand their staff to return to the office at least a few days per week, but the change has triggered mixed reactions, with petitions being drafted to revert back to more flexible working practices. w

Let’s take a look at some of the for and against reasons…

Reasons for returning to the office

Although many workers disagree with the idea of returning to the office, there are some in favour of it.

In our 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey, we found that 57% of respondents would return to the office for the socialisation factor, and 47% would return if they had access to more holiday allowance.

But what are the reasons leading to eCommerce leaders wanting their staff to return? Let’s hear them out…

  • Collaboration – more time in the office = more face time with your colleagues! In some job roles, collaboration is absolutely crucial for coming up with new ideas and getting the most out of the role.
  • Productivity – some business owners believe that there are more distractions in a home-environment compared to an office.
  • Communication – speaking on the phone, on Zoom or via email is okay, but nothing beats communicating face to face. It is quicker, with less risk of misunderstandings.

Reasons against returning to the office

  • Commuting commuting can take up valuable hours in a day, which could be spent with family or friends, or even getting more work done. It can also be expensive to buy train tickets or pay for fuel.
  • More distractions – where some find the office environment energising and motivating, others do not. Listening to conversations about someone’s weekend plans, or blazing music can be extremely distracting for workers.
  • Less flexibility – with remote working, you’re able to do things that you wouldn’t normally get to do when you’re in the office, such as walking the dog at lunchtime, or completing chores during breaks.

But what about the eCommerce industry?

To continue on with the results from the 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey, only 6% of eCom professionals are currently working in the office full time, with 16% working fully remotely, and a whopping 78% working on a hybrid basis.

It looks likes flexible working is here to stay for the eCommerce industry!

Furthermore, 33% of respondents shared that they would not be encouraged to return to the office at all, and eCommerce leaders seem to be on the same page as many shared that they are happy with their teams working remotely.

If they were to encourage their staff back, it would be for teambuilding or learning opportunities.

Going forward

The opinions on returning to the office are certainly mixed, but we have been pleasantly surprised to see that eCommerce leaders are putting their staff first when it comes to flexibility.

We hope to see this continue for eCommerce jobs throughout the rest of 2023 and beyond!

Considering a new role?

Has the idea of returning to the office got you thinking about your current eCommerce job? You aren’t alone!

If you’re looking to join flexible and forward-thinking eCommerce companies, then get in touch with one of our pandas today to discuss opportunities for you!

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