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Sep 27, 2011 10:05:16 AM

When OKA Direct needed to hire the best ecommerce talent for their team, they had a chat with us and we were only too happy to help.  Our relationship began way back in 2005 with Miranda Christie (Marketing Director); when cranberry panda launched in 2010, things were immediately reignited when OKA needed help to find a new senior digital marketingprofessional.  

cranberry panda quickly stepped up to the challenge and identified Richard Kent (who we’d worked with years ago) as the right person for the role.  With a strong marketing background working with big name brands in the luxury food and jewellery sectors, we knew he’d be a hit with OKA – we do love it when a plan comes together!  Richard was snapped up in just 3 short but sweet weeks.  (Yeh, we’re pretty proud of that!)  

“I was living in the USA and planning on returning to the UK when I received a call from cranberry panda! From the initial conversation and throughout the process, the attention to detail shown in understanding my particular situation and requirements was fantastic. I was in constant contact from the initial call right through to the signing of contracts.”

Richard Kent

Helping OKA Direct find the perfect ecommerce manager

Since January, Richard has worked his magic and OKA have just launched their fabulous new website (  But not all placements come so easily…

Richard needed to find an ecommerce manager for his team and given our past relationship with him and OKA this made us the obvious team to call. We searched high and low for the ideal candidate to join Richard’s team and in the process we also helped with determining interview structure and tests to make sure the perfect person was found. Lo and behold, our persistence paid off and OKA’s new ecommerce manager has been thriving in his role ever since. Oh, and we were also able to recommend a technical consultant whose company has gone on to build the new OKA site.

“I had interviewed a number of candidates for the role of ecommerce manager but none felt quite right. cranberry panda demonstrated a deep understanding of our objectives so as not to waste time with simply presenting a high volume of candidates, just those few of the highest calibre. The team were wonderful at helping me make the right decision from a cultural fit point of view. We eventually made an offer which was accepted and we've never looked back.”

Richard Kent

In short, we’re proud of our relationship with OKA Direct and we’re pleased we were able to help them.  We value our clients and our candidates equally and it’s this quality which keeps them coming back. 

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