Launched: The 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey is here!

Mar 7, 2023 9:04:56 AM

Our 2023 eCommerce salary survey & insights report is available to download...right now! We have been looking forward to sharing the brand-new report with you, so we're happy that launch day is here!

Discover never before seen insights and salary updates from 2023 - including new questions covering important topics in the industry. 

Our top teasers from the 2023 eCommerce salary survey report

We know you're eager to read the report, so here are 3 teasers to get you ready...

  • Diversity & Inclusion: For the first time ever, we asked respondents about diversity in their company. From how companies represent certain groups to the diversity in the leadership team, we really got into the detail of this topic. We think you might be surprised by the results.
  • The eCommerce recruitment experience: How long do you think the process should take? 4 weeks maybe? Or perhaps even less? We asked both candidates and employers this you think they will be on the same page?
  • eCommerce industry growth: We are hearing a lot about the cost of living in the news lately. Do eCommerce professionals think this will be a big hindrance in 2023? Furthermore, they also share what tools and eCommerce expertise would help their company grow this year.

Download your free copy!

The wait is over - simply click below to secure your copy of the 2023 eCommerce salary survey report. Be sure to check in on our blog too - we will be sharing plenty of unseen insights! 

Get your paws on a copy today!

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