LGBTQ+ inclusivity in the hiring process

Jul 7, 2023 9:49:19 AM

In June we celebrated Pride Month, and we wanted to share the importance of LGBTQ+ inclusivity all year round.

To reinforce this commitment, we have explored the best practices for fostering inclusivity in your recruitment strategy and hiring process, not just during pride month, but throughout the entire year.

Cultivating an inclusive culture

Creating an inclusive workplace where individuals can bring their authentic selves to work is not only a matter of social responsibility but also a strategic business move. By actively embracing LGBTQ+ diversity in your eCommerce hiring practices, you open doors to a pool of talented professionals who can contribute unique perspectives, experiences, and skills to your organisation.

It is crucial for companies to implement robust internal policies that protect LGBTQ+ individuals. This involves establishing clear guidelines and penalties for discrimination to ensure a safe and inclusive workplace environment.

Revising job descriptions and requirements

It’s important to foster a culture of inclusion from the top-down. Company leaders should champion LGBTQ+ inclusivity and communicate its importance to the entire organisation.

By establishing a clear commitment to diversity and inclusivity, you send a strong message that your company values and respects all individuals, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

One practical step towards LGBTQ+ inclusion in the hiring process is to review and revise your job descriptions and requirements. You should…

  • Take a critical look at the language used and ensure that it is inclusive and avoids any gender bias.
  • Consider using gender-neutral terms and be mindful of the qualifications and skills you prioritise.

This way, you create an environment where LGBTQ+ candidates feel welcome and encouraged to apply.

Expanding outreach to LGBTQ+ networks

Moreover, consider expanding your outreach efforts to reach LGBTQ+ talent. Actively engage with LGBTQ+ organisations, attend job fairs, or participate in virtual events focused on diversity and inclusion.

By proactively seeking out these networks, you increase the chances of attracting qualified LGBTQ+ candidates who may not have otherwise considered your organisation.

Creating an inclusive interview environment

When interviewing LGBTQ+ candidates, it is essential to create a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere. You should…

  • Use inclusive language
  • Avoid making assumptions about personal relationships and focus on their qualifications and experiences.
  • Respect the candidate's preferred pronouns
  • Ensure that the interview panel is diverse and representative of your company's commitment to inclusivity.

Making inclusivity a year-round commitment

By cultivating an environment where LGBTQ+ individuals feel valued and respected, you attract top talent, enhance employee engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately drive business success.

According to our 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey, only 39% of respondents felt that LGBTQ+ was represented. There is an urgent need for substantial changes to be implemented in the world of eCommerce and work in general.

It is time to make LGBTQ+ inclusivity a year-round commitment and create a workplace where everyone can thrive.

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