Louis Vuitton’s VR game gets half a million downloads in 7 days to mark 200 years in business

Aug 26, 2021 12:06:53 PM

The luxury brand best known for its signature monogrammed handbags, luggage, and more hopes to win over Gen Z spenders with the reveal of its new virtual world. The adventure-based game launched in August is seeing a hugely successful response within the first week of its release. ‘Louis the Game’ has since been downloaded the most by the Chinese market.

Louis Vuitton released the game to celebrate the brand 200 years in business in a bid to appeal to the company’s Gen-Z audience. The game enables users to experience the brand virtually without having to have a purchase.

The game follows the main character through 6 different locations, unlocking 200 (the magic number) stories explaining the brand’s historic legacy.

There are 30 non-fungible tokens for players to discover throughout the game designed by artist Beeple exclusively for Louis Vuitton.

The masterminds behind this should be proud of themselves for successfully commemorating the 200th anniversary of the established brand.

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