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Amongst the excitement or necessity of searching for the perfect role, that very notion of the right fit is usually non-existent. There are nerves for the interview, anticipation for the result and, hopefully, elation for the offer.

At that point, however, it gets serious. The candidate may have left their last role for a new challenge, or have entered the field for the first time. Either way, it is once the offer has been made that they can really think about the next step. How can you decide that next job offer is going to be a great fit for you?

Ask questions

To stand out in the interview, you probably prepared a number of questions to keep the employer engaged.

  • What impact can I make in the company?
  • Is there room for me to progress?
  • How will this role challenge me to do better?

Is there anything you don’t know yet? Really think about what you need to know to accept with full confidence. Ask yourself questions too:

  • Is the commute reasonable?
  • What problems/challenges does the company face? Will I be able to overcome them?
  • Do I see myself within the team? Is it the best cultural fit?

Seek advice & do your research

It doesn’t hurt to sit down with family and friends to get an idea of the offer. Listen to their insights, and their approach to what you are being offered.

If the reason for your search is finding a new role, what was it about your last role that pushed you to pursue a new project? Look at all your resources from the new offer; contract, job specification, conversations with the employer. Does anything potentially mirror the issue you had previously? If not, then you can overcome the obstacle and continue with your decision.

Do you know everything there is to know about the company? For the interview stage, you researched statistics and facts to impress the interviewer. Now, the company needs to impress you! Do current, or previous, employees have glowing things to say? Is the business in a position to grow, so that you can grow with them? 

Why the decision needs to be 100%

You need to be comfortable, engaged and happy in what you are doing. Those around you will see the benefits of your stability in everything you do.

The employer has put all their faith into offering the job to you. If you accept it ultimately out of convenience, you are not doing them or yourself any favours. Still need some advice?

Speak to the experts

We pandas are dedicated to placing great people into great roles. Speaking to someone who knows your industry, and what the role is demanding, will really assist you in deciding. Our salary survey really gives insights into the industry, and what makes people tick. Have a read, and see if you share the same values. We’d love to hear your thoughts! 

We hope you enjoyed this helping of panda advice! 


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