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Mar 29, 2023 8:09:10 AM

Are men or women dominating eCommerce jobs? And which generation is making its mark?

Thanks to our recently released 2023 eCommerce Salary Survey, we have been able to discover the average demographics of the industry.

This is what we found out…

There are more women than men working in eCommerce

Our results show that the eCommerce industry is 55% female, 43% male and 2% gender neutral.

gender 2023

*To note, we included a diverse range of gender identities in our questionnaire options, including Transgender, Non-Binary and those that prefer not to say – these are the results we received.

This result is very similar to last years, which means that the demographics are remaining consistent. Could this suggest that those working in the industry are content, and therefore staying put?

Let’s take a look at the age brackets…

Ages 35-44 are most prominent

It looks like the majority of eCommerce professionals fit into the 35-44 age bracket, followed closely by ages 25-34 at 43%.

age brackets 2023

However, with only 2% in the 18-24 category, and 7% in the 55+, could this mean that the eCommerce industry is suffering from ageism? Or perhaps professionals are taking the eCommerce job plunge later in life.

One of the most interesting results we have come across in this year’s eCommerce Salary Survey is in the ‘seniority by gender’ section.

There are more men in Director/C-Suite positions

Although overall there seems to be more women working in the eCommerce industry than men – this isn’t the case for more Senior eCommerce jobs.

seniority by gender cp

As you can see from the graph, there are more women working in junior – mid-level roles, and more men in Director/C-Suite roles. Progress clearly needs to be made in order to see more female leadership across all disciplines, and companies should be encouraging this.

However, it is great to see those who identify as gender neutral in senior positions. Hopefully this means that eCom companies are beginning to diversify their workforce at all levels.

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