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Posted: 20th of March 2018 by Chris Cox

Meeting your recruiter: Why it benefits you

Career Advice & Tips

When it comes to meeting with your recruiter, you might be keen to restrict contact to phone calls or emails. Using a recruitment agency for your job search has many benefits and having an extra support figure in the process is great.

So why would you not want to meet this person face to face? It’s understandable that time can be an issue – especially if you will want to save time for interviews for your potential new job! However, dedicating a small part of your week to meeting your recruiter will really make a difference.

The pandas have all shared their thoughts as to why they ask to meet their candidates and why they believe it will help them throughout the recruitment process.

How does meeting your recruiter benefit your job search?

Meeting your recruiter to chat about what you’re looking for, or a potential vacancy they want to represent you for, will be a huge help to your job search. Here are some things to consider…

  • The recruitment agency is representing the hiring company – your potential new place of work. They can act as your eyes and ears for determining culture fit, potential within the business and what your role will entail.
  • Hiring companies sometimes request that the agency they’re using for hiring support meet any candidates they submit for application. The way to look at it is that the recruitment agency is leading the first part of the recruitment process. They want to screen candidates to ensure they send the best to their clients – make sure you stand out and show your engagement at the start!
  • Give the recruiter the certainty they need to get you in front of their client. Your CV could be great, but they want to get to know the person behind the pages of the CV or LinkedIn profile.

Our Web & Data Analytics recruitment specialist, Aimi, shares her thoughts on why candidates should agree to meeting a recruiter. “Meeting the recruiter can prepare candidates for an interview type scenario if they haven’t been on the market in a while. Voicing their experience face to face with somebody who is new to them (i.e. a stranger/us) can really make them aware of their achievements and get them used to being succinct/concise but detailed too in a more relaxed environment before the big interview!”

Yasmin, our Director of Ecommerce Recruitment, also shared some wisdom:

"Pre process or mid process, you’re on the cusp of potentially having to make a life changing decision. As the mediator and your biggest advocate in this process, we’re better placed to support you the better we know you."

"A face to face meeting is obviously the best way to get to know someone and trust us, there’s things that will come up in conversation over a coffee/beer/glass of wine that wouldn’t on the phone."

The importance of building career relationships

Perhaps you’re not quite sure what to expect when meeting your recruiter. What do you need to cover that can’t be covered on the phone, right? As mentioned, some hiring companies will want to ensure the agency has met with potential candidates.

Not only that – this initial meeting can be used for great professional relationship building and develops a partnership that continues throughout your career.

“Not only will you be able to truly sell yourself to the recruiter, but by taking time to meet them and tell them about yourself, the more likely they are to feel comfortable approaching you throughout your career when you feel it’s a good time to move next time. Also, if you’re moving onto a managerial role and you’re ready to build a team, you’ll be able to count on the recruiters you’ve met to hire new employees which will be an effective match.”

If your recruiter asks for a meeting, say YES!

Meeting your recruiter is a big help during your job search…don’t be shy and meet them for a coffee when they invite you for a chat!

Are you currently looking for your next ecommerce job? The pandas are always happy to chat…get in touch today!

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