Our eCommerce Salary Survey 2022 Sneak Peek

Feb 1, 2022 12:55:51 PM

Our 2022 eCommerce salary survey is underway and accepting responses! We have had a great number of respondents so far, which means it's the perfect time for a sneak peek!

Please note these are subject to change as we will receive more responses before the questionnaire closes. 

eCommerce salaries: Who is expecting a pay increase in 2022?

In 2021, 45% of eCommerce professionals expected a salary increase. This was probably the lowest this figure has ever been in the history of our salary survey, though we weren't entirely surprised. The events of 2020, which spilled into 2021, left a feeling of uncertainty in the air. 

We're pleased to say that from our respondents so far, the outlook is more optimistic. Will people see a change in fortunes for 2022?

Working from home in eCommerce roles

Last year, 76% of our respondents had not yet returned to the office when we released our questionnaire. What is the work from home landscape looking like in early 2022? It looks like there are many more back in the office and sentiments are split - some people are happy while others would be more comfortable working at home. We are intrigued to see the final results on this one! 

Overtime in eCommerce

Are ecommerce professionals doing more overtime than ever? Perhaps working from home means people are doing more without a commute to contend with. 

In 2021, 55% of our respondents completed 3 hours or more of overtime each week. Of our 2022 respondents so far, we can see 51% complete 3 hours or more of overtime. While not a huge decrease, there is still plenty of time for more insights into this.

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