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Posted: 3rd of August 2018 by Jade Watson

Our new cub Jade tells us about her first week!

Career Path, Panda Life

Having found a love for Ecommerce over the last couple of years I knew instinctively that cranberry panda was going to be the place for me – there is no one else that does what we do! I was in an ecommerce recruitment role already but felt I needed to be in a more specialised agency, that have the same passion for ecommerce I do. This was immediately obvious to me from my very first conversations with Jonathan and after every meeting my interest and excitement grew.

I spent a lot of time getting to know the brand and met the entire team on my final round which was great, because I could see how much everyone loves being a Panda! There was no doubt that I was going to join the crew. Never have I met a company that has staff happiness as their main priority and it’s really refreshing to see and be part of.

First impressions

TERRIBLE….joking! It was an ace first day! Having met everyone for a drink the week before I was completely comfortable walking in and had a lovely welcome. I’ve got a packed schedule for the first 10 days getting to know everyone, thinking about my goals, mindset etc – what a way to start!

Yasmin and Jonathan are really inspiring and I can’t wait to continue learning from them. I’m also able to get cracking quickly as I’m taking on areas that I already have experience with, so I don’t feel overwhelmed with information. There is a great team culture with everyone collaborating and motivating each other, I’m eager to contribute to that.

It’s been an amazing first week and I’m looking forward to the next one already.

Hobbies and a little more about me

Who am I outside of cranberry towers? Good question.

I am a weird but wonderful creature with a mix of interests. I’m a regular gym goer – one of those crazy people who gets up at 5am to train before work – it really wakes me up and has me feeling pumped and ready for a productive day. Equally though I’m horribly addicted to chocolate, so I’ll be the bad influence of the office (sorry guys). I’m a lover of house music and have made many trips overseas for festivals (Mexico, Croatia, Ibiza). I also spent 3.5 years living in Dubai. I can spend hours getting lost in a book, box set or documentary (often creepy murder/crime docs).

What does the future hold?

The future is looking very bright indeed! I have such a good feeling about being here, Jonathan is incredibly supportive about growth and personal goals, no matter what they are. He is committed to giving everyone the tools they need to succeed and I’m really excited about the path ahead. I know I’m going to grow not only as a recruiter, but as a person too.



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