Our top 5 career GIFs (and what they mean!)

Jun 18, 2019 1:00:00 PM

Everyone loves a good meme, right? Here at cranberry panda, there's no shortage of ridiculous memes and GIFs being sent around on team emails! So, we thought it would be fun to share five career related GIFs that have a fun message (well, mostly) if you look deeper! 

Homer's career drama

Homer Simpson Career Drama!

Yes Homer, I'm afraid you do. We often see Homer Simpson embarking on the most ridiculous exploits, but he still has time to work (or should we say sleep on the job!) Our thoughts on this one? It's not all about salary. So many people get so caught up with what they earn in the bank and what added extras they can get that they don't look long term. You're not only working for money, you're working for skills, experience and the chance to progress. Get what you deserve money wise, we absolutely agree with that, but don't forget the other benefits of a role. (Source)

And, breathe...

Avoid the work drama!

We've all had days like this...whether you want to tear you're hair out or run for the hills, you have to realise it's all going to be OK! Mental health in the workplace is a huge topic right now, so it's important to realise that your feelings matter. If stress ever gets the better of you, just walk away and take five minutes to yourself. Count to 100, take a walk and breathe in some fresh air. Tomorrow is a new day!  (Source)

Motivation is key

Get motivated at work!

If you aren't motivated by what you're doing, your productivity is going to hit rock bottom. If you feel you aren't given enough to do, raise it with your manager immediately. Otherwise, it will be a downward spiral that is hard to climb out of. Find out more about what it's like to feel demotivated, and what you can do to stop it! (Source)

Embrace the benefits

Enjoy the benefits of your career!

First of all, adorable! Second, it may seem like this duckling is simply unappreciative of the benefit he has just been given. We think it's important to embrace the perks of the job absolutely, but always remember to show appreciation to the people who grant them. A harmonious company culture is key to a successful team. (Source)

Where do we begin with this one?

Step away from the poison!

So...you probably don't want to do this! 

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