Panda Q&A - Marketing Assistant Tessa!

May 24, 2018 4:08:55 PM

Our newest panda, Tessa, has joined the Marketing team! Tessa has taken to the stage to answer some questions - let's see what she has to say about herself!

What has been the highlight of your time at cranberry panda so far?

Before I start I really want to make it clear that I am being genuinely serious! A lot of employees of companies will brag about loving to work there, and they are in fact ripping their hair out behind the scenes, miserable.

I will be the first to admit I can be quite a quirky character. I am overly passionate, ambitious, a total geek and tend to talk to myself when a thought pops into my head. But this is the first time in my whole work history I do not feel out of place. cranberry panda accepts you for all your unique characteristics and channels that to make you a part of an awesome team. Everyone here is on the same wave length and it completely breaks the mould of what recruitment agencies are perceived to be like. From my first interview I knew I could believe what I was being told, and to find a genuine company in this working age is so difficult and near enough impossible. cranberry panda show it is okay to work by what they stand for and not just have dollar signs as the only priority. (If you have employees who live and breathe the brand, putting 100% in everyday, the rest takes care of itself).

So … to sum it all up, my highlight at cranberry panda – being accepted for who I am and given the opportunity to grow and build my knowledge with people who are as passionate as I am! (Oh, and a little bit crazy …)

Here’s a free ticket to anywhere in the world…where will you go?

Firstly, whoever that person would be that gives me the free ticket – you are now my favourite human being! Secondly, I feel this should now be a trend … I will happily start, so whoever wants to give me a free ticket to Egypt that would be great! I have a whole list of other places also!

My aim in life is to see everything and experience as many destinations as possible. Mainly because I love to meet new people and really be a part of the culture and traditions of different countries. Plus, as cheesy as it may sound, (a fellow Panda told me I need to embrace this side of myself!) travelling helps you discover parts of yourself you didn’t know you had and for me, that is the whole journey of being alive!

Egypt for me is a place I have wanted to go since I was about 6 years old (and yet I still have not been!). If I had it my way I would have been ages ago, but unfortunately due to a lot going on in the country I have been steered away from it. I am obsessed with history and Egyptology is a huge passion of mine. I believe all parts of history, good and bad should be recognised and to have the chance to look on something so ancient, and never truly know what happened there is mind blowing.

I would probably cry if I was able to see the pyramids and go to the Valley of the Kings! (Sad, I know but that is what attracts me to historical sites – the emotion it can provoke.) I would be standing in a place where it was normal to remove someone’s organs before mummifying them … also … taking out someone’s brain through their nose … seriously?!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?

Now this is a tricky question, what would my superpower be if I could have one and why. I am not sure, if what I would choose is classed as a super power (it is nothing as exciting as laser vision or invisibility) but I would have the power of immortality. One thing we are all desperate for today apart from money and the power of influence, is simply time. A lifetime may seem enough to do everything you want, but it really isn’t. So, I would want the power of immortality. To be able to see how earth turns out would be an incredible experience. Do we live like Total Recall? Can we expect aliens to touch down and start taking over the planet? My greatest fear is dying without knowing all the answers to the world and its future so immortality would be my superpower of choice.

If you could have a drink/dinner with one celebrity/notable figure, who would you choose and why?

As much as I try to seem different, if I was to see Ryan Reynolds (preferably in the Deadpool suit) and Robert D Junior (please be dressed as iron man) out in public I would probably have a major freak out and prepare my wedding vows there and then. But if I had to have a drink/dinner with a celebrity or notable figure and it was my only opportunity ever – I would pick David Attenborough.

To be able to speak with a man who has seen so much and listen to his stories and adventures would be a dream come true. If he wanted to adopt me as his grand daughter I am 100% on board with that. I have read so much of his work and the fact he is bringing our attention to creatures and places he genuinely loves, makes me admire him massively.

For one day only you are a wild panda…what would you get up to?

Having seen pandas while travelling in China, and although they were not in the wild but in a sanctuary – I was very happy to learn that they behave the same. They are completely adorable, clumsy, and playful so! So, my day as a wild panda would include rolling around and bumping into my fellow pandas. Climbing and tumbling down, but also being lazy as hell and just enjoying my pandalicious life!

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