Panda Q&A: Our Ecommerce Resourcer Ashleigh

Oct 19, 2017 3:02:47 PM

Having recently joined the cranberry panda team as our new Ecommerce Resoucer, Ashleigh takes part in our latest Panda Q&A. Find out what happened when she took the hot seat...

What made you want to join the cranberry panda team?

The dynamic of the team is so welcoming, bubbly and friendly; I think the environment you work in really matters. Therefore, being in a company that is so people focused and sociable yet continuously growing and looking for new ways to develop gives me confidence I am in the right place. cranberry panda’s values also align with my personal views thus, I felt as though it is the right place to nurture my growth as I enter the professional world.

What is your favourite cuisine to eat/cook?

Japanese!! Top 3 dishes include: The Infamous Bento Ramen Noodles from restaurant quality swimming in a steamy broth to your typical ready to go instant noodles in a cup...both will suffice! Other favourites include Dim Sum (steamed dumplings- prawn flavour all the way!) and finally, it wouldn’t be right if I didn’t add Sushi to the list. Fresh raw fish on sticky rice, followed by a warm miso soup - YUM!

Who is your childhood hero and why?

Bruce Lee! From a young age, it was fascinating to watch him effortlessly perform technical styles of martial arts (Especially the epic battle of Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris)

As I grew older, I started to recognise the values and characteristics embodied and preached by Bruce Lee that he demonstrated. At the core of them lies honour of ourselves and our surroundings - these traits are: humility- for his opponents, this can be expressed through his simple quote of "Showing off is the fool's idea of glory." He was very merciful and kind to other practioners of the technical the arts.

Other traits include commitment, self-discipline- through pushing his body to its limits and beyond, adaptability “be water” and mindfulness - the mind is the most powerful tool within our possession and within OUR control if we have control over ourselves the possibilities are endless, and I learnt that through Bruce Lee.

If you were a wild panda for the day, how would you spend the day?

That is so easy to answer!! Lounging in the sun whilst gracefully munching on bamboo shoots of course! I would make the most of having no responsibilities - therefore I would embark upon an adventure with my panda pals, climb to the tops of the tallest trees and just enjoy life. Pandas are easy going, playful and have also sometimes been seen rolling down slopes - I would most definitely be leading that activity

Here’s a free ticket to anywhere in the world…where do you go and why?

Peru- it is one on the bucket list! So, if you’re offering a free ticket I am sure to take it! Why? I would love to visit the Machu Picchu in the glorious tropical weather of Peru! There are also so many other things to do such as hike the Colca Canyon, tour the Floating Islands of Lake Titicaca and explore the Amazon Rainforest...I’m a little bit of an adventurer at heart!

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