Panda Q&A with Pete Campbell, MD of Kaizen

Jun 29, 2016 11:39:58 AM

Say hello to Pete Campbell! He's the MD of digital marketing agency, Kaizen, and an Outreach Digital member. We caught up with him for a coffee and a chat, eager to learn more about his digital journey and his role at Outreach Digital. Here's what we discovered ... 

Marketing Pandas (MP): Describe Outreach Digital in 140 characters… 

Pete Campbell (PC): "Outreach Digital is a community that spreads digital knowledge and shares digital skills in the spirit of charity and inclusiveness."

MP: What made you decide to become an Outreach Digital volunteer?

PC: I currently run a digital marketing agency, Kaizen, and felt that outside of the work I do for large businesses, I wanted to help social enterprises and charities that do amazing work on a shoestring budget. I felt that the best way I could help these enterprises is with the digital marketing knowledge I’ve built up over the best decade.

MP: And as a volunteer, what do you do?

PC: I mainly help run Outreach Digitals pro-bono events where once a month anyone with a business idea or part of a charity can get free 1:1 mentoring sessions on any aspect of digital marketing. 

MP: Tell us more about your career in digital: how did it all begin?

PC: I got my start in digital as a kid actually, learning how to build websites when I was 11 – something not so common in the early 2000s. By the time I was 18, after selling 2 websites, I knew the basics of SEO, Affiliate MarketingSocial Media and was using it all to fund myself through university and feed my habit of playing video games.

After university, I landed a job as a Web Designer at a digital agency in Leicester and soon pivoted towards SEO and have never looked back. After 2 more jobs, I set up my own business just over 2 years ago without any funding – we’re now a team of 10 with about 16 clients from all verticals.

MP: What are your top 3 tips for people looking to make their mark in the world of digital?

PC: You need to be super passionate about digital to truly make your mark.

Firstly, Self-teach yourself an area of digital by doing your own project. Secondly attend events, write up / share your knowledge. Thirdly, find the key influencers in that space and engage with them.  

Big panda thanks to Pete for taking the time to chat with us! Watch this space for more exciting info on Outreach Digital events and opportunities. Want to learn more now? Head on over to their Meetup page and browse our digital events page for some very imPAWtant dates!

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