#PandaPounds 2019: What does our ecommerce salary survey tell us so far?

Feb 18, 2019 2:47:14 PM

Our 2019 ecommerce salary survey questionnaire, also known as #PandaPounds, is open to respondents – but there’s only two weeks left!

If you have taken part, thank you! Your insights are really going to help make this report the best yet. If you haven’t yet shared your industry insights, you can complete the questionnaire here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/PandaPounds2019

The full report launches in April, once we have collected all the data and made it look all pretty (so we’re not just throwing loads of percentages at you!) However, if you’re feeling a little impatient, we’ve got a treat in store…here is a sneak peek of what our respondents have shared so far!

Pay rise – who got one?

Every year, we ask our respondents what changes they have seen in their salary. Have the majority of ecommerce professionals received a pay rise?

69% told us that they did in fact see an increase in their salary – great news! In 2018, it was 68% so not a huge change here…yet! What will the final results show us?

Career goals – what are people hoping for this year?

A brand-new question for 2019 – we have asked what ecommerce team goals are, but what about the individuals? Some of the goals include career progression, learning new skills, securing a pay rise, improving productivity and find a new opportunity.

Out in front so far is wanting to learn new skills, with 65% of respondents selecting this. Close behind is career progression at 62%. (Respondents could pick more than one option, so totals will not equal 100%)

Company culture in the ecommerce industry

Another new addition to the ecommerce salary survey! While we have always touched upon company culture, we have never asked the straight question…do ecommerce professionals feel company culture is a priority in the ecommerce industry?

It’s a big topic in the industry right now – ecommerce is fast paced enough that exciting opportunities are always popping up to tempt people from their current role. A big part in working for a company is to feel like the environment is the right fit for you. It may surprise you then to hear that 53% of respondents so far believe company culture is a priority in the industry.

It’s not that far from being a 50/50 split with those who don’t think company culture is a priority. So, are companies doing enough to promote a fantastic company culture for their teams? We will find out in the final report…

Feeling valued and respected is still the top essential in a role…

But only just! Feeling like you’re adding value to a team and being shown appreciation for this is important. So important that it has been the top role essential for four years running…but one of the other options is very close behind. Could it finally lose the top spot? All will be revealed in the final report!

The #PandaPounds sneak peek ends here

We’re sure you wanted to hear more, but that’s all we can share right now! If you can’t wait to receive the final report, all you have to do is take part in the questionnaire – we will send a copy of the report on the day of launch to all who request it.

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