The 2021 eCommerce Salary Survey & Insights Report has launched!

Aug 10, 2021 9:47:07 AM

The 2021 eCommerce salary survey & insights report has officially launched! It's great to see so many fresh insights from the industry and it's all thanks to the hundreds of people who took part in our annual questionnaire.

5 Insights from the 2021 Ecommerce Salary Survey

Before you download your very own copy, here are 5 insights to give you an idea of what to expect from the full eCommerce salary survey report.

The average eCommerce salary survey has increased

After a slight decrease in 2020, we're pleased to report the average eCommerce salary has increased to £61,969! Have salaries increased across age groups too? Download the report to find out.

Salary expectations for the year to come

43% of respondents have seen their salary increase in the past year. Would this have been higher had it not been for the pandemic? For eCommerce professionals who have yet to see a change in their salary, 45% expect an increase before the end of the year.

The impact of Covid-19

73% of respondents shared their eCommerce role was not directly affected by the pandemic, while 78% plan to request more working from home. Download the report for more insights into how people were affected by this unprecedented situation.

Work life balance & eCommerce

An impressive 64% of eCommerce professionals are happy with their work life balance. However, this does leave 36% who are not quite satisfied with it. Motivation, focus on mental health, and team needs are just a few ways the respondents believe managers can improve work life balance of their teams.

Beautiful Benefits

What work benefits do eCommerce professionals receive? On top this year is contributory pension, with 46% of respondents receiving this benefit. In 2016, 42% received contributory pension so this benefit is still on the rise. Other benefits include 25 days holiday, company laptops and flexible working.

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The insights here are just the tip of the iceberg! To get your paws on the full report, simply click below and enjoy the insights!

Download your free copy of the 2021 report!

Download the 2021 report 

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