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May 23, 2016 4:20:30 PM

2016 is shaping up to be a great year with a clear focus on the customer. Data, Analytics & Conversion Optimisation teams are expanding and roles are diversifying to support this growth. 

We have also witnessed that the lines between web analytics, data insight and data science are blurring very quickly. Technical skills and scripting languages such as R, Hadoop, Tableau, Python, SAS, SQL, Python and Java are becoming even more present in web analytics functions. We believe this is due to the ever increasing complexity of the data sets (big data) and the increasing need for real-time automated insight.  

As web analytics and optimisation is such a "candidate driven" industry with a huge talent gap, it's really difficult to accurately benchmark salaries just based on job titles and years of experience.

*Entry level (0-2 years), Mid Level (3-5 years), Senior or Manager level (6-9 years) and Senior Manager or Director level (10 years+)

Web Analytics & Conversion Optimisation salary benchmarks in ecommerce

Salary benchmarks for Analysts in ecommerce

Analytical skills: In demand and most desired

Good news for Analysts! Advanced analytics skills came as the third most in-demand skills this year. If you also have good team management skills and multi-channel exposure, you're career prospects are on fire!

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that analytics and data science was top of list for skills that ecommerce employees would like to improve this year. Make yourself more employable for the future by learning these technical skills and improving your softer skills.

In demand skills for Web Analytics and Ecommerce

Our respondents, when asked what skills they would personally like to develop, specified technical and advanced level skills. In fact, these topped the list entirely! There was a particularly heavy focus on analytics, coding, data science and even specific coding languages such as Python.

Tips for managing (and keeping) a Web Analytics team

If you’re a manager or employer, it’s worth keeping in mind that 26% of respondents left their previous role because their needs weren’t being met. With top talent in high demand and opportunities for analytics superstars everywhere, it’s important to be aware of these essentials and where needs are (or aren’t) being met.

Generally speaking for web analysts, the most important factor is for employers to demonstrate that they are well-run organisations with a strong, supportive culture, good job security and with room for progression.

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