#PandaPounds: Insights from the 2020 ecommerce salary survey (so far!)

Jan 29, 2020 2:40:19 PM

Our annual ecommerce salary survey & insights report campaign is well under way! We want to say a huge thanks to all our respondents so far – your insights really make this report the best it can possibly be.

The questions in our survey cover a spectrum of topics within the industry, from salary to work-life balance and career happiness. If you take part, we have an exciting prize draw where two lucky respondents will win one of two Amazon gift cards (£100 for first prize and £50 for the second!) Take the survey now!

We thought it would be great to share some sneak peek insights from the questionnaire, so buckle up and get ready for exclusive ecommerce industry insights.

The average ecommerce salary

Each year, we look at the average ecommerce salary across the industry. We have to take in to account the fact our 2020 questionnaire is still open to responses, though so far the industry average is lower than it was in 2019. However, there isn’t a huge gap, so what will the final figures show in our report?

For an in depth look at average salaries in ecommerce, download our exclusive study which looks back throughout the years at big changes in the industry: Download a free copy!

Have ecommerce professionals received a pay rise?

In the past 12 months, how many ecommerce professionals have seen an increase on their pay slip? 59% of respondents so far told us they have had a pay rise! In 2019 this was 69%, so will we see this percentage surpassed in our final report? Fingers crossed we do…everyone loves a pay rise after all!

What are important ecommerce career goals?

Everyone ecommerce professional will go into a new year, or a new job, with specific goals in mind. So far, we have a new goal topping the poll so far…career progression/secure a promotion is in the lead at the moment, overtaking ‘learn new skills’ from 2019!

There might be a new top role essential in town…

For five years running, ‘feeling valued and respected’ has been the number one essential when it comes to finding a new role or assessing the current role. However, this is not the case in 2020…we have a new role essential sitting pretty in the top spot. We won’t reveal what it is just yet – we’re very intrigued to see if it retains the top spot as the questionnaire continues.

Are company culture and work-life balance a priority?

A key focus of our 2019 ecommerce salary survey was all about company culture, work-life balance and overall career happiness. It was interesting to see that 62% were happy with their work-life balance, which we didn’t consider a huge number. In our questionnaire so far, 53% of our 2020 respondents said they are happy.

We asked if people feel their current companies prioritise company culture and work-life balance. So far, more respondents have said yes to these questions…though it isn’t by a big majority! Finally, we have a new question for our questionnaire this year: ‘what makes a good company culture?’ Respondents could pick their top 3 and in no particular order, the popular picks are honesty & transparency, a collaborative environment and regular feedback/recognition. Will this change before the questionnaire closes?

Share your insights before the survey closes!

We want the most accurate picture of the industry, which means we need your insights. It takes less than 5 minutes and don’t forget the exciting prize draw! We can’t wait to share the new report with you all.

Complete our questionnaire!

#PandaPounds 2020 Questionnaire

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