Pandas are taking over! The second of our new starters shares his thoughts

Jul 23, 2015 3:22:32 PM

My journey with Cranberry Panda has officially begun! I am super excited to be heading up the Web Analytics & Insights division here. Having been in my previous digital recruitment jobfor over 2.5 years, I wasn’t actually actively looking to move jobs. After being approached and meeting with Jonathan Hall (our Director) and Adrian Ramani (team leader) for the first time I had a good feeling this was the right company, culture fit and career move for me. I can confidently say that after being here for just 1 day, I now know I’ve made the right choice and already feel part of the Panda family.

A week before my first official day, Jonathan invited me to attend the Web Analytics Wednesday (WAW),a popular meetup organised by Lynchpin and Cranberry Panda. This was really helpful to get me started. It allowed me to meet a number of key players in the analytics community and listen to some very insightful presentations about the current Analyst trends, quickly familiarising myself with latest hot topics in analytics.

Everyone always feels the slight pressure before their first day at work. A bit like your first day at school or meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time. The night before, you’re running every possible situation through your head, wanting to make a good first impression and come as prepared as possible, ready to impress. But happily, as soon as I stepped through the door I was made completely at ease and settled in very quickly. I was introduced to everyone in the office and sat down with every team member to understand their market, share knowledge, what they do, how they do it and get to know them a bit more personally. I’m really not just saying this because I have too, but everyone at Cranberry Panda is super friendly, very easy to approach and extremely knowledgeable about the eCommerce sector. It’s very refreshing to be in an environment surrounded by like-minded people and where you can just be yourself.

My first day at Cranberry Panda was also very memorable (pun intended) as we had Jake O’Gorman (world class Memory champion and business memory consultant) come in the office to educate us on how practical memory techniques can be used to increase productivity and achieve networking goals. This was very interesting and super fun. I especially enjoyed the role play between Jonathan and Adrian which was very funny!

I would highly recommend anyone wanting to get into recruitment or with experience in recruitment to get in touch as there is no other agency like this one.

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