Product Management Recruitment: what is important to candidates?

Nov 30, 2021 2:17:48 PM

Our Product Management Recruitment specialism is going from strength to strength. Since introducing product management specialist Natalie, we are getting to speak to more candidates in this field. 

We love working with talented product & project management candidates in this space. But, what motivates them in their careers? Using unseen analysis from our '2021 ecommerce salary survey & insights report', we're going to share what motivates product management professionals.

Product Management salary expectations

eCommerce is a competitive space, so the salary on offer can often sway a candidates decision. When moving to a new role, what salary changes do product management professionals expect?

  • The same salary: 8% of product management respondents would accept the same salary when moving to a new job
  • 5% increase: 15% of respondents would expect a 5% increase
  • 10% increase: 15% shared that they would like to see a 10% salary increase for their next role
  • 15% increase: 31% of product management professionals would expect a 15% salary increase to join a new company
  • 20% increase: 23% would want to see a 20% salary increase if they were to move roles
  • More than 20% increase: Finally, 8% of our product and project respondents would want an increase of more than 20%

Product Management career goals in 2021

When it comes to their career goals, what do product and project management professionals hope to achieve this year and beyond? Here are a few teasers - remember to consider these when you are recruiting product management talent.

  • Career progression: This was a pretty unanimous choice for product management respondents! Always make sure employees have a clear vision of where they can go within your company and team. For potential candidates, highlighting a roadmap for progression in the hiring process will certainly make you stand out.
  • Learn new skills: Product Management is a challenging role and there's always something new to learn. Employees like to feel that they are keeping up to date with the latest trends, tools and skills. Think about how you can help them do this, be it additional courses or internal training.
  • Improve work productivity: Throughout the pandemic, employees had to quickly adapt to a new way of working. Initially, this was bound to affect productivity as people got used to the sudden change. It seems product management individuals want to keep working on this, especially as more companies adopt a hybrid approach to working. 

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