Quick fire top tips for your job search!

Jan 31, 2019 9:16:13 AM

You have by now probably read numerous articles on how to have a successful job search, and you have most probably listened to various suggestions and advice from those around you. It can be hard to process what to do in a job search to make it successful and what makes a good CV into an outstanding CV.

It is important to know that in almost 99% of cases, you only get one short at getting yourself noticed for the position you have been working for. It is also very easy to get lost in a sea of applications when applying through a company’s website. Think about it, hundreds of professionals are applying for that role, what is going to make yours any different to the rest? You must impress the recruiter or hiring manager before you have even met them, which is not easy to do!

For your job search here are some quick tips to help make it all a little less daunting: 

1)    Use recruitment agencies

No, this is not a ploy to get you to use cranberry panda. Its advice you should listen to no matter which company you choose. Picking an agency that is the master of the specialism you want to go into and take advantage of the fact that they have every day access directly to the decision maker for that role! Don’t get lost in a sea of applications online, get your recruitment consultant rooting for you!

2)    Be specific and be picky

Do not make the mistake of scrolling through a job advertisement website and click apply on anything that looks half decent. This is your career. Your future. Be picky and apply for what fits your criteria. Who wants to move from a job and six months down the line realise they want to leave?

3)    Determine what your current situation is

Are you desperate to leave your current role? Or can you wait for a little longer? Deciding on the urgency of your job search will help you decide if contract work is an option, or if you can take your time looking for your next step. Contract gives you freedom, time to choose what you want and make money at the same time. Just saying!

4)    Make a list

Write down your goals and what you are aiming for, writing it down can make it seem more real and achievable!

5)    Don’t rush!

Unless there is an urgent reason as to why you need to leave your leave (remember contract jobs are a perfect way to help with that!) then take your time. Give your career the attention it needs by not settling for anything less than what will help your progression and happiness at work. Yes, that’s correct, you should be happy at work!

6)    Update everything

It is easy to forget where we have posted our CV over the years and what agencies / online profiles we are signed up to. But make sure at the start of your job search that everything is updated! LinkedIn (if you don’t have one get one!), social media, recruitment agencies and online job sites. 

7)    Keep track

Have you ever had a call from a recruiter, its brilliant you have got an interview, but you cannot remember for the life of you, which role you applied for! It is not a good feeling and I don’t know about you, but I worry it makes me seem uncommitted to the job already. So, make sure those amazing roles you want to hear back from, you make a note of the details!

8)    Be strict with the one-hour rule

To help stop you applying for multiple roles and not really paying attention to what it is, restrict your job search to one hour a day. Whether it be in the morning on the way to work, on your lunch break or when you get home, even on the weekends instead of suffering with a hangover! You will feel more in control of the process then!

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