Recruiting an eCommerce Director? Here's what you need to know

Oct 8, 2021 10:33:59 AM

Are you currently recruiting an eCommerce director for your business? Perhaps it's an upcoming vacancy you're planning to advertise. In an increasingly competitive space, eCommerce director recruitment processes can be tough to navigate.

As a leading eCommerce & Digital recruitment agency, we've got you covered! It's not just about putting the job advert out there and hoping for the best. You need to understand exactly what the eCommerce director will need to do in your company, so you can present the challenges they can expect to tackle. After years in the industry, these professionals certainly appreciate new challenges. 

Also important is to know what people believe is essential to a role - if you are missing key elements in senior eCommerce talent attraction, the best people for the job might not even apply. Using stats from our 2021 eCommerce Salary Survey & Insights report, we will be sharing these in this blog post!

What does an eCommerce Director do?

When it's time to recruit a talented eCommerce Director, knowing the basics is a good place to start. An eCommerce Director will be the driving force behind all aspects of the eCommerce strategy for the brand. The role encompasses sales, marketing, technology, analytics and management so that all cogs in the eCommerce machine are turning.

You'll be looking for a professional in the digital retailing market, with B2B and B2C experience and a vast knowledge of eCommerce technologies and platforms. Someone with the confidence to build and manage a team will be integral to your success! For clients who have not recruited this role before, our team are on hand to talk them through every step of the way. We understand what is needed, having placed some many eCommerce Directors over the years.

eCommerce Director Salary Expectations 

According to our salary survey report, the current salary benchmark for an eCommerce Director is £120,000 - £200,000. Of course, this varies from business to business and depends on the responsibilities in the role. Here's what our eCommerce Director respondents expect when moving to a new role...

  • The same salary: 8% of respondents would accept the same salary when moving to a new job
  • 5% increase: 4% of respondents would expect a 5% increase
  • 10% increase: 22% shared that they would like to see a 10% salary increase for their next eCommerce Director role
  • 15% increase: 25%  would expect a 15% salary increase to join a new company
  • 20% increase: Another 25% would want to see a 20% salary increase if they were to move roles
  • More than 20% increase: Finally, 16% of respondents would want an increase of more than 20%

What is important to eCommerce Directors?

We asked our respondents to rank what is essential to them on a scale of 1 - 10. Here is what eCommerce directors shared...

  • Flexible working hours achieved an average score of 8/10
  • Working from home also scored 8/10
  • Opportunity to progress scored 7.8/10

When attracting talent, it is always important to address what is important to them in a role or ask them this throughout the interview process so you can craft a role that is perfect for them.

Are you hiring an eCommerce Director?

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