Results verses integrity

Feb 13, 2019 10:08:07 AM

Our reason is the key for doing what we do, for wanting to achieve something. Why do we want to seal that deal? Why do we want to buy a house or get married? We need to be clear about this from the offset.

These reasons can seem obvious at first glance but in-fact they are often more complex than we give them credit for; buying a house could be somewhere to live where the bricks and mortar, the area are in keeping with our lifestyle. This does play a part but the deeper reason will be more about significance, comfort, family, security. Knowing this deeper purpose consciously will be a game changer.

It’s said that our feelings start with a thought, although it is debatable that the feeling may create the thought. What is clear, is the feeling we first experience, that is what becomes our motivation for an action or a series of actions, this is what we should refer to as our guide book, our gage as to whether we’re on track, not the actions in which we take to get there (providing we’re not consciously hurting others whilst being aware our actions might hurt others although that’s not our intention), as our actions will be limited by our previous experiences and in-fact something that we perhaps never would have thought of doing that occurs due to to outside influences, maybe things outside of our control, could be what ends up getting us our desired result; limited actions will only limit our opportunities of ways in which to get to our success which is to fulfil an experience, metered down further is to ultimately fulfil a feeling...that’s the piece I urge you not to lose sight of! Here’s an example...

do-what-is-right-not-what-is-easy You feel a need to support others as much as possible within your work place and it seems the best way for you to do this is to get a promotion to a position that allows you more autonomy. What we have a tendency to do is get lost in the promotion, doing whatever it takes to get there, losing oneself in ego, trying to be noticed for everything we do, people pleasing and not having the time to support anyone, perhaps even ourselves. The thing is, if we do something for long enough it then becomes a habit, especially our behaviour and by the time we reach the promotion we’re stuck in a new behaviour of people pleasing and the busyness it took to get there, we can lose sight of the deepest reason for the desire for success in the first place. At this point our integrity is compromised.

Of course this isn’t the case for all of us with this specific situation but we will all be guilty of this in some area of our lives and if we’re not aware no doubt we’ll repeat this pattern at a later date. I wanted to use a simple example. Many other examples in our lives are much more complex, giving even greater reason to understand our purpose at a level of feeling and reminding ourselves frequently. Being aware of this feeling may even change what we first thought we wanted to achieve, again giving you even more possibilities.

Working our magic in this way is working from a place of integrity and I promise you that this will support you more than anything else! It does mean we need to live with more trust and belief in what we want to experience and achieve, which is why it needs to come from a deeper place. I’m sure Nelson Mandela had no plans of sitting in a prison cell for 27 years but he stayed with his integrity, his reason and that is what made him so successful...far outweighing even his own expectations and becoming the first black president of South Africa. 

My ultimate message to you is to know your deepest reason and recognise the feeling that goes with that and never let it go. Accept you may not get there in the way you first intended, as your integrity, desire will allow you massive flexibility for the journey that lends itself to the intended result, showing you more opportunity than you ever thought possible. Use the courage and the strength you were born with and NEVER lose sight of what’s important for you to feel!

Don’t ignore the doors that appear and allow any fear you feel to become your I’ve said so many times to my friends and clients “Hello Fear - thank you for letting me know I’m on to something”

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