Senior Ecommerce jobs: What is important to you in your next role?

Oct 30, 2018 10:22:09 AM

Are you actively looking for a senior ecommerce job, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for? At this stage in your career, you can look back at your achievements with pride and see the impact you have made.

On the opposite side of the coin, your amazing achievements mean you might not be sure what your next role looks like. If you’re happy with your salary level, the responsibilities you’re used to and your enthusiasm towards your industry (to name but a few things!) then what do you look for? Maybe these things listed are something you’re looking for?

We’ve decided to outline some key points to think about when looking for a senior role, to help you realise what is important in your next job.

What type of company do you want to work for?

As mentioned, you could be perfectly content with your current company but what is missing? After all, you are searching for a new role so now is your chance to work out what is missing in your current situation.

Do you want to work in a larger, more established company or is it now time to try your hand in a growing start up? Is the industry one you are passionate about or are you looking for a fresh challenge? Changing industry doesn’t seem easy, but you have the experience behind you to successfully pull it off.

At a senior level, you can also play a part in creating a fantastic company culture – if this is important to you, just think about the positive changes you can bring! Start thinking about your ideal companies and keep your eye on them…even if they aren’t advertising roles, you can start making yourself known via networking or being more active on LinkedIn.

Managing your team

How important is it to you to manage a team effectively? If team management is something you love doing, then part of your search can focus on finding a bigger team that you can nurture and help succeed. This is a wonderful challenge and a huge step forward.

If a larger team is something you want to step away from, then you can find a role where you still oversee a team but perhaps act as a mentor to a smaller set of junior employees. If this sounds good, find a company that offers autonomy to employees which allows you to spend more time on your responsibilities.

Do you know your impact on the business?

When it comes to knowing the direct impact your activity makes on the business, this is all down to important career feedback. Are you receiving enough feedback? Even higher up the career ladder, there are always things to improve and new things to learn.

Perhaps look for a role where you will be able to see cohesive results from your activity and how it positively impacts the business. So, when speaking to potential companies, it would be good to ask about performance reviews or progress plans which allows you to see your development and impact regularly.

What will your day to day responsibilities look like?

Study your current daily responsibilities – what really stands out as something you love? What is there not enough of and what would you prefer to do less of?

This is your time to decide whether you want to work on long term strategy or play a big part in the implementation. Ultimately, you need to enjoy what you do every day so that this shows in your results…if you’re a bit indifferent towards certain aspects of your current role, definitely avoid applying for roles that may not offer new challenges.

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