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Dec 4, 2018 3:50:28 PM

The most popular question we are asked by potential clients is ‘Why should we work with you?’ ‘We have loads of agencies we work with and they charge way less than you guys do.’

Only a few things to say about that;

  • Why do you need so many?
  • Why would you go for the cheapest rate when recruiting someone to join an exceptional team? Your team deserves the best talent not a quick fix!

It is very easy to be distracted in the recruitment world by bright lights, empty promises and companies that are trying just a little too hard. That often means they are focusing their attention on growing so fast and having names to brag about rather than putting in a 5* service.

A little dare for all the brands and companies looking to recruit for a new position out there, ask your current recruitment consultant – What do you see happening in the industry now? What can you advise me on for this position and what is the current trend? I guarantee you will get a generic answer and that consultant will get off the phone, look to the person to the left and say, ‘How on earth am I supposed to know! I don’t know what this role is’

You are taking a huge step and placing a lot of trust in a recruitment agency to find the next talent for your team. For most who are looking to fill a permanent role, the last thing you want is a candidate that leaves after 6 months, is not suitable or was just sent to you as a quick fix. It takes a lot of time and energy to go through this process and you need an agency that understands this.

So, I ask again, why would you work with four or five different agencies for different roles when you could go to one for everything? The amount of times we have successfully placed a candidate in for example an Ecommerce position, and the client then reveals they are also recruiting for analytics professionals and a digital marketing superstar. We do it all! Our aim here is to be the Ecommerce provider of the industry, we can provide all the roles you may need in your brand that falls into this specialism. Junior through to CEO in Ecommerce, Digital Marketing, Online Trading and Merchandising, Product management, UX, UI, video design, digital design, analytics, social media and content. (Not forgetting permanent and contract roles)

Well, why work with cranberry panda for your recruitment needs? (Truthful reasons not a typical advertisement I promise)

1) We have one of the biggest databases of Ecommerce professionals in the industry. Agencies may make headhunting sound exclusive and amazing, but it really means they do not have any relationship with their candidates who are ready to be interviewed. We are constantly in touch with our candidates and have a huge amount of industry insights.

2) Starter, main course and dessert! We are proud of our rates because they reflect our service. The full package, specialist advice and truthful timelines. We will keep you updated and not be afraid to give you our honest opinion. Do you really want an agency that just agrees with whatever you say and then cannot deliver?

3) Cheaper rate equals cheaper quality of service. You will not be a priority to other consultants and they will not be specialised in their field. The dropout rate of candidates who start a job and are either not up to standard or quit is so much higher with 'quick fix cheap rate agencies'.

4) We will not lie and say that we make every single placement. But there is a reason why even when we cannot find the candidate for you in a certain role, our clients consistently come back to us. That is a combination of trust and a service that we pride ourselves on.

5) Why work with a recruitment company that's only goal is to grow and be the big guns of the industry? That treats its staff just like they will treat you - just a number. Each of our consultants specialise in one or two sectors in Ecommerce so their database and knowledge will purely fit your needs.

There is a lot of recruitment agencies out there who are genuine and will try their best to fill your positions. We are lucky to be a part of such a thriving industry as Ecommerce!

But, at the end of the day we are passionate to work with you. We have clients who have filled out entire teams with us! Our consultants genuinely shop with the brands we work with, know their current projects, are aware of their competitors and put all their resources they can into finding the right candidate. That makes the world of difference to you being considered a priority in their job search and being able to promote you to candidates.

It is easy for us at cranberry panda to say all this, we work here right? But our testimonials and loyal client portfolios show we are not making this up. What is frustrating for us, is when a client comes and states they trusted a different agency to deliver results and it all went horribly wrong. That is not the experience you should have of using recruitment agencies.

Below is just a few of our testimonials and the contact information of our consultants. Call us! Call us out on all the BS you want answered and we will show why you should work with us. Whether it be permanent, contract or you just want some industry advice – why would you not call us? We want to talk to you!

P.S. There is a reason that our consultants have left bigger recruitment company names to work with us. They had enough of the fakeness, they loathed the ‘salesy’ environment and they want to be a specialist in their field.


Just like we do with any enquiry client or candidate, we respond urgently, and you will not be waiting around for the right consultant to contact you. Speak to us before doing the rounds, it will save you a lot of time.

To name a few our incredible clients include:

"Cranberry Panda were fantastic in helping us in our search for an individual with a niche combination of attributes within the analytics industry. The tiered process of candidate search which Cranberry Panda followed was well thought out and included a useful requirement gathering and market insight session enabling the consultant to comprehend our requirements whilst providing visibility on steps being taken as a result of various market conditions; both of which culminated in a swift and successful search for candidates.”

Krishan Gandhi / Senior Digital Analyst - Data Science / Tribal Worldwide London

Having worked with a number of recruiters over the years, I can confidently say that Cranberry Panda have raised the bar in terms of service. They were extremely proactive, listened carefully to our requirements, and worked hard to find us the right candidate. They were responsive to feedback which helped ensure our search-maintained focus and direction. I was also impressed by their warmth and empathy – I would describe them as a well-oiled boutique agency who go above and beyond to offer a service that is slick, but still personal.’

Holly Selby / Head of Digital / Affordable Art Fair

  • Do you need to recruit for a Director to CEO level in the Ecommerce world? Never worked with us before? Jonathan Hall our CEO is who you need.
  • Looking for a Senior Digital Design or Senior Content professional? Yasmin Vachet is our Director of Ecommerce and your leading lady.
  • Has someone left suddenly? You want to take your time recruiting for a permanent team member, but they work load is piling up? You just need a professional for a project? Sheena Popat our contract division manager and Laura McManus our contracts consultant is who you need.
  • Senior Ecommerce management, Online Trading, Merchandising and Product – Mary Haddad is a Rockstar when it comes to this specialism.
  • Digital Design dilemma? Cannot find the right candidate with the right skillset? Ben Lerch and Marvin Dodoo are our UX / UI / Video / Digital Design power duo.
  • Our analytics department is not one to be taken for granted! We cover web analytics, data analytics, business intelligence and CRO. You may also be aware of our WAW event ….
  • Senior Digital Marketing positions is James Skinner’s niche. Providing a wealth of knowledge and experience placing with some of the biggest Ecommerce brands (and your competitors).
  • Jade Watson is not one to break under pressure. She is our Junior to Mid Digital Marketing and Ecommerce super woman.
  • Savvy, ambitious and not lacking in style, Ashleigh St Hill is our Social Media consultant who lives and breathes the industry.

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