Startups vs established businesses and a Christmas party invitation

Sep 29, 2015 11:15:49 AM

Last Wednesday, we co-hosted our third WAWLondon event with Lynchpin at Innovation Warehouse

A great big thank you to all who attended, and to our two fabulous speakers Sergio Bellon (Easyroommate) and Selina Chang (Royal Caribbean). 

Startups vs. established businesses: an overview 

Our focus last Wednesday was on the role (and struggles) of analysts in startups vs. analysts in established businesses. Our speakers highlighted the challenges they faced when gaining buy-in and budgets for their teams, the tools they had access to, the processes they had put in place, the demands of lean startup processes, and much more. 

Concluding the speaker session, Selina Chang summed up the key takeaways for the evening, also reminding everyone that, regardless of where you work, an analyst should always a.) be commercial and b.) use data to tell a story. 

The big analytics debate

While we can't reveal exactly what was said, the Q&A session that followed the speakers' presentations generated lively debates, idea and solution sharing and a little laugh or three. 

But rest assured, the fun didn't stop there. As the conversation slowed, people made their way to the snacks and drinks bar, meeting and greeting with fellow analytics and digital marketing heroes. Business cards were handed out. New friends were made. Old friends were reunited. All in all, a great way to end the evening.

A Christmas party invitation for our favourite analysts

We know - Christmas is still a long time away. But if Selfridges can launch its Christmas Grotto more than 140 days before Santa is due to arrive, then we can definitely afford to plan ahead a little too ...

So open up your calendar and block out the evening of December 2nd as that's when the WAWLondon crew will be holding the must-attend analytics Christmas party of the year. 

The evening will be a little different to our usual WAW events, with networking and celebrations taking place from start to finish. 

Head over to the #WAWLondon meetup page for more information. 

See you there! 

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