Supporting ‘The OPERA Global Youth Foundation’ with #PandaPounds 2018

Jan 9, 2018 9:55:26 AM

Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey (a.k.a. #PandaPounds) is underway. Every year, as part of our ‘Panda Giving’ initiative, we support some amazing charities during the salary survey campaign by making a £1 donation on behalf of each respondent. We wanted to tell you a bit about who we are supporting this year.

Introducing ‘The OPERA Global Youth Foundation’

If you followed our efforts during the ‘Big Christmas Bushtucker Challenge’, you’ll know how much we love this amazing charity. That’s right, we love them so much we subjected ourselves to a revolting afternoon of eating squishy insects (I shudder as I type this!)

However, it was all for a fantastic cause and we raised money alongside fellow recruitment agencies. So, what do OPERA do? Unfortunately for some young people, circumstances mean they don’t have the easiest start in life which in turn affects their careers.

The team at OPERA say:

"Not having the skills or means with which to earn your way out of poverty is both degrading and disempowering. The trap of poverty, homelessness, abuse, crime, violence, poor mental health and addiction puts young people at risk of becoming not just unemployed but unemployable.”

This is a cause that is close to our hearts, as we believe that we are creating happiness, one job at a time here at cranberry towers. OPERA is doing more than creating happiness…they are creating fresh starts and a real chance at a fulfilling career for disadvantaged people.

From helping with travel costs while job searching to buying an outfit for interviews, OPERA help 18-24 years olds find employment and make sure they remain there to make their way up the career ladder. They strive to help these people truly begin their lives afresh, which we think is a great mission! Find out more about the OPERA team on their website.

How can you help?

By completing our 2018 ecommerce salary survey, you will already be helping! For every response to our questionnaire, we will donate £1 to our ‘Panda Giving’ kitty and the final total will be given to OPERA once the salary survey report launches.

So if you’re an ecommerce professional, take the survey today – not only are you helping to shape the future of the ecommerce industry with your insights, you’re helping an amazing charity make a big difference.

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