The best team work tips: optimise your workplace relationships

Nov 4, 2015 1:34:59 PM

You might work in a ‘hit the ground running’ start-up, or a slower paced corporate environment. No matter what your work environment is, one thing stays the same: teamwork matters!

There are some roles where you have your responsibilities for the day and might not need to interact with your team as much. Once again, you are still working towards the same goal which means team work is imperative. Here are some ways to ensure your team ethic is 100%, and some benefits to being a true team player!

How can I improve my workplace relationships?

When we say improve, we are not suggesting you are absolutely despised by your colleagues. You can get on with your colleagues, but might want to build on this so the workplace is both productive and fun. Here are some things to consider:

  • Consider ideas and suggestions equally. If you have a great idea, never rush into it. It’s great to bring new ideas to your manager, but why not discuss it with the whole team? It shows you are passionate about an idea, while ensuring they have input and could work it into their daily routine too.
  • On the other side of the coin, don’t brush off colleague suggestions. Open up a dialogue about what works and what might not, with a goal of moving forward to a collective idea. They will respect your constructive feedback and your help. Always keep in mind that you can’t please everyone, and there will be one person who makes the end decision. However, it never hurts to have group brainstorming session to see what ideas people have and get a better understanding of everyone’s role.
  • Respect individuality amongst your team. No one is the same, so focus on the positive attributes over everything else. You don’t have to be best buddies outside the office, but positive and professional interactions at work are so important for a great environment.
  • Communicate, then communicate some more. If there is something you are unsure of, ask the team the best way to approach it so that best interest is involved for all.
  • Be respectful to ensure nothing you are doing is impacting anyone in a negative way. Consider your surroundings, be encouraging and be positive.

The perks of being a team player

So now that you’re a super popular workplace hero, you’d be surprised how much of a positive impact being a team player has on your career.

  • A positive vibe – When you know you’re going to a job where there are no issues between you and your colleagues, it is a great motivation.
  • Getting noticed – If you step up to the plate and contribute to the tasks of your colleagues when you can, there is a chance you’ll get noticed for a potential step up the career ladder. For any managerial position, one of the key attractions for the hiring body is someone a team will respect and want to work under.
  • A glowing reference – There might come a time where, despite your great work relationships, a new opportunity beckons elsewhere. Having such a positive reference about your contribution and dedication to your team is bound to work wonders for a new job application.

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