The cranberry panda internship: what I’ve learnt

Aug 27, 2015 1:21:31 PM

For the past two months, the wonderful Margherita has undertaken an internship here at cranberry towers. Sadly, it’s coming to an end…BUT, in true panda style, we are not letting her go without telling us all about the experience. Here’s what she has to say.

What have you enjoyed most about your time at cranberry towers?

Firstly, I feel delighted to have stepped into the company at a time of such high growth - having new, experienced consultants on board and acquiring exciting new clients. It has been an invaluable experience watching cranberry panda succeed in gaining placements and taking on new clients.

During my internship at Cranberry Panda, I have enjoyed being surrounded by like-minded and motivated professionals; whilst constantly learning new things, which I can take with me to university.

How much have you learnt about ecommerce jobs, and ecommerce in general?

Having had the opportunity to source for a variety of ecommerce roles using the company data base and, most importantly LinkedIn, my knowledge of the specific requirements have strengthened massively! I now feel confident in explaining the different ecommerce jobs to others.

How has it been working with the consultants? What invaluable knowledge have you gained from them?

I am so thankful for all the advice I have been given by the consultants. The pandas have their own specialisation within the ecommerce industry; which means there were so many areas to learn about. From Analytics to Digital design roles, I was able to gain a broad understanding of what makes the ecommerce world function.

A valuable quality I learnt is to always be yourself (cheesy, I know). But in all seriousness, when you talk to people don’t always have such a corporate attitude; obviously respect your company values but make your own stamp! Also, the importance of building trust with candidates and clients was hugely emphasised!

What knowledge have you gained from calling other candidates?

I find it funny how the majority of potential candidates I contacted using the database were open to a new job and opportunity- they all mentioned the fact that they feel as if they were not challenged enough in the company they are in. Hint to managers, challenge all employees and make their job rewarding!

What have you learnt, that you are definitely going to apply to your next year of studies?

  • Insights into marketing - the customer decision process was quite interesting and the psychology of buying the final product- I will never be able to buy a product in the same way!
  • I learnt that there are many transferable skills within the job of recruitment; the weekly training sessions did help to emphasise this a bit more.
  • The memory workshop session was very helpful, receiving first hand advice in understanding how our brain works (such as, we are more likely to remember something that is new, dangerous or exciting.) This is advice I can definitely apply to my studies next year. 

Would you recommend this kind of internship to someone else studying at university? Why do you think it was beneficial?

100%. I am so glad I took the time to do this internship over the summer at cranberry panda! It was definitely one of the best choices I have made! The people, the help, the life tips and the consistent guidance throughout was pandabulous! The daily work environment at cranberry towers really does demonstrate its company values, in everything they do.

What does being a panda mean to you?

Truly understanding people’s needs and trying to help them in the best way- we are full of solutions, and keen to bring everyone we work with on a panda adventure! And I can’t forget the longing for panda paws rather than hands!

Overall this experience has been invaluable and has taught me many transferrable skills which I can proudly take away with me. I would recommend an internship to anyone at university who is ready for a challenge. 

Do Pandas cry?

We at cranberry panda are sad to see Margherita go. BUT, we wish her all the best in her studies, which are bound to be a roaring success! And remember…once a panda, ALWAYS a panda! 

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