The ecommerce salary survey is back!

Aug 25, 2020 1:08:17 PM

The cranberry panda team are excited to introduce the 2020 edition of our annual ecommerce salary survey & insights report!

This year, things haven't quite turned out how everyone expected. We released the questionnaire at the start of the year, eager to know your plans and aspirations for the year ahead. While the global crisis may have changed many career paths, we still feel it is important to share these results with you.

What is the ecommerce salary survey all about? 

As we mentioned, we send out the ecommerce salary survey questionnaire at the start of every year. Hundreds of ecommerce professionals take part, sharing insights from across the industry. We then take this data, tirelessly analyse the key findings and wrap them up nicely in our shiny annual report. We do like to spoil you!

We cover so many areas; salary benchmarks, salary changes, the gender pay gap, workplace happiness, company benefits and work-life balance. It really does help people position themselves within the industry, making sure they are thriving in their roles. It has also helped hundreds of ecommerce teams attract the right employees and stand out from the crowd.

What has changed for ecommerce in 2020?

We don't want to reveal too much...we want you to really enjoy the full report! Here are just a few teasers of what to expect...

  • The average ecommerce salary: Every year, we determine if the average salary across the industry has increased. There has been quite a significant change here according to our questionnaire results.
  • The gender pay gap: For the last five years, more male professionals have taken part in the survey...that has changed this year!
  • Career happiness: We decided to ask our respondents how they would rate their current role happiness from 1 to 100. Download the report to discover the average score!
  • Role essentials: Feeling valued and respected has been the number one essential for ecommerce professionals in every questionnaire we have done...until now. Are you curious to find out what has knocked it from the top spot?

Enjoy the ecommerce industry insights

As we said, we don't want to ruin any more surprises for you. Click the button below and you will have your free copy of the report in less than a minute. Be sure to check out our ecommerce jobs categories to explore the latest opportunities and get in touch.

Download the 2020 ecommerce salary survey report...


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