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Posted: 13th of June 2018 by Chris Cox

The gender pay gap in the ecommerce industry


Does a gender pay gap still exist in the ecommerce industry? Over the past few months, the issue of a salary deficit between men and women has been prevalent in many industries and companies – and ecommerce is no exception.

Our 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report has four pages covering this big debate, so make sure you download a copy for that and many more insights from ecommerce professionals.

We wanted to share the some quick facts from what we have discovered about the gender pay gap in ecommerce, some of which won’t be found in our full report. We do love an exclusive!

The gender make up in ecommerce

As seen in our previous salary survey reports, the gender make up within ecommerce in 2018 is fairly even – 51% of our respondents are male, while 48% are female. (1% preferred not to say.)

(2017: Male – 52% Female: 48%..............2016: Male – 54% Female: 46%)

This shows that the gap between the number of men and women in the industry is slowly, but surely, closing. Why could this be?

More women are entering the ecommerce industry

Another common trend we see from our reports throughout the years is that more women seem to be entering the industry. Looking at the breakdown below, 13% of our respondents overall fall into the 25 and under age group.

When we break it down between male and female ecommerce professionals, 15% of our female respondents fall into this age category compared to 10% of our male respondents. Here’s the full breakdown…

Age breakdown of ecommerce professionals

Most of our respondents fall into the 26 – 35 age bracket, with 63% of our female respondents within this bracket compared to 53% for males. However, as we climb into the higher age brackets, there are more male respondents within these brackets.

It is no surprise then, that when we look at gender and seniority there are more men in senior positions. Looking at the ‘senior manager’ level onwards, 50% of our male respondents are in these roles compared to 42% of our female respondents.

Average salaries in ecommerce: Men vs Women

We looked at our male (51%) and female (48%) respondents to determine the average salaries – and the results are surprising. These stats look at both groups across all seniority levels which is assistant level right up to owner/partner. Here's what we found...

Average salaries of men and women in ecommerce

As seen on page 14 of our 2018 report, average salaries of male and females by seniority generally follow the trend that men are paid more. What is very interesting, however, is that women in ‘Head of’ and ‘Director’ level roles actually have a higher average salary than their male counterparts!

More on the ecommerce gender pay gap in the 2018 #PandaPounds report!

That’s right! Download the 2018 ecommerce salary survey & insights report for the full insights…and much more!

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