The Panda Express Tabloid - An interview with our analytics desk Aimi!

Sep 13, 2018 11:04:07 AM

Next on our interview list, in delight of all you fantastic Ecommerce data analytics professionals out there is Aimi! Aimi Walker covers the Data/Digital/BI/Web/CRO… basically anything analytics based in our business.

From working across a number of roles and having extensive experience within the industry, we have delved a little deeper into her opinions, client feedback, candidate ambitions and what the future holds.

How are you finding the market now for analytics professionals? Are there any trends or industry news that is influencing the analytics professionals required in the Ecommerce world?

"Right now, the analytics market feels very candidate driven. There are more requirements for analysts than there are analysts, and I feel the analysts are very conscious about where they decide to apply and interview. Candidates are far more aware of how data-driven and tech-heavy a company are and are quick to make judgements on whether it would be the best environment for them to grow, even if they are the only analyst in the company. Therefore, when I’m taking briefs from clients now, I make sure I find out what the next 6-12-18 months looks like for this position, so analysts have a clear insight into the future."

Tell us a little more about your work history and experience within analytics? What is it you love about your specialism?

"I started working on analytics requirements in the ecommerce and digital arena in May 2015. When I joined cranberry panda in November 2016, I was bought in to develop the Data Science and Business Intelligence division alongside a colleague of mine who specialised in Web Analysis and Conversation Rate Optimisation. I was hungry to pursue a position with more analytics and data focus across a variety of brands, from the luxury retailers and fashion brands I was already used to, as well as ecommerce tech companies and disruptive start-ups who also desired the services of an analyst."

"What fascinates me about analysts is their ability to look at such high volumes of complex numerical data and translate it verbally or visually into commercial insight. I love reading through the presentations candidates create for interviews and trying to make sense of how they reached these conclusions from the data. I also love the community feel of analytics – there are so many meetups and ‘unconferences’ to attend and learn more about what’s happening in the space, and the engaging and interactive nature of the events makes you feel as if you belong to something really innovative and revolutionary."

You work with candidates specifically in web analytics daily, what are the top 3 must haves for candidates now in a new role?

"The top three must-haves for web analytics candidates in a new role are a mix of not only web analysis, but also marketing/customer insight and conversion rate optimisation understanding. I’ve found lately some clients have been requesting candidates who tick these three boxes – going beyond analysing the performance of the website but also marketing channels and campaigns, as well as the customer journey on the website and how they can personalise this experience. This expands their toolbox out beyond web analysis tools and into more marketing insight and heat-mapping tools."

What are your clients desperate for? If you could build the perfect web analytics manager for an Ecommerce brand, what would they be like?

"For an ecommerce fashion brand, clients would want a senior analyst who had experience analysing a transactional website. This makes the transition into the role so much easier, in terms of speaking with the other ecommerce team members and using metrics which are relevant to the space."

Since your time in cranberry panda how has your desk and its requirements changed? If at all?

"When I started at Cranberry Panda, it was my job to establish a Data Science and Business Intelligence division, but when my colleague in the analytics team left the business, I absorbed his responsibilities and incorporated Web Analytics, Customer Insight and Conversion Rate Optimisation into my remit. Again, I used to share levels with another colleague of mine, where I would speak with the senior, managerial and head of level candidates in the space, but then when she left too, I took on junior and mid-level positions too. In terms of requirements changing, I’ve seen even the largest of companies looking for junior analysts who have strong stakeholder management skills to be able to deliver presentations centred around how to improve whatever it is they’re analysing. As well as this, SQL has become a more important factor in an analyst’s toolbox, and the client’s requirements reflect this need. I’ve also seen far more web analysts turning to a contracting lifestyle earlier in their careers to add value to multiple companies on a shorter-term basis."

State a prediction you have for the future of analytics professionals in Ecommerce?

"Let me build a model to predict that…"

Aimi really is an approachable panda and if you are looking for industry / career advice or on the hunt for a new role get in touch!

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