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Posted: 15th of September 2015 by cranberry panda team

The Panda Vision: Our values

Panda News

As the world of ecommerce marches forward, we at cranberry panda strive to march alongside it. As a result, we felt it was appropriate to share our purpose within ecommerce, and the values we apply to EVERYTHING we do.

Every single person we speak to is important to us, and to prove that…welcome to our panda values!

Our Purpose - Creating happiness, one job at a time

It’s simple. Finding a new job is absolutely life changing for anyone and should be exciting. Our team of pandas will make it easier for you, so you will always have completely positive vibes. Our consultants do not only place candidates in ecommerce roles; they place them in ecommerce roles they will love! By extension, the wonderful brands we work with can move forward with a happy ecommerce team on board.

If our candidates and clients aren’t happy, we aren’t happy…and there is nothing worse than an unhappy panda! Therefore, we will help you through the whole process until we are certain a role will bring a smile to your face and your new company!

Our Values

Panda Adventure - Evaluate, explore and experience the journey together

As we said, we want to be with you for the whole process of your search and your future life in ecommerce. We are open about how we work, and invite everyone to be as open about their wants and goals as possible. With that solid mutual respect, we can go forward to deduce what the perfect avenue for you will be. At the end of the adventure, the overall experience will leave everyone with happy thoughts!

Imaginative Influencers – Knowledge, reach and openness: there is always a solution

The panda will always have a solution for those we speak to. We are open about our areas of expertise, and our consultants know their fields inside out. The breadth of their knowledge means you can always rely on them for the best advice, and the best insider info!

Consistently Adapting – Passionately embracing change to make a difference

Ecommerce never sleeps, and we embrace this with open paws. We are passionate about the industry, and adapt accordingly to make a difference in everything we do.


This speaks for itself; we do our utmost to be the total support you need to help throughout the panda adventure.

Be Exceptional – Grow everyday through commitment, attitude and heart

With commitment, positive attitudes and a lot of heart, all the pandas want to grow within their fields every day. But, it doesn’t stop there! Being exceptional in the best career possible is something we want to spread throughout the ecommerce landscape, until the happiness meter is on overload!

The cranberry panda values - moving forward

celebrating our panda values with iPads

These values are not just for us pandas; they are for everyone to embrace! We love everything about working with ecommerce heroes, and thank everyone for allowing us to establish our wonderful Panda vision with great pride to go forward with.

The pandas were so excited about unleashing the panda vision that we couldn’t resist being connected to the ecommerce world, wherever we go. What better way than a tower of brand spanking new iPads? We feel an ‘iPanda’ joke coming on!

We hope you enjoy our values as much as we do! 

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