The power of PR in eCommerce

Sep 13, 2022 2:51:34 PM

It's time to put PR into the power of marketing!

PR, or public relations, is in no way a new concept...that's a given. But, how does it marry with digital eCommerce and marketing campaigns? In 2022, you can still embrace the power of PR!

At Cranberry Panda, we have recently added PR, Partnerships and Comms to our digital marketing jobs offering. While not traditionally online, all of these channels can be used within online retail. 

PR and Digital Marketing - combining the two

In the age of digital, you might assume social media is the best way to reach you're intended audience. However, really getting to the right people means it is more powerful to combine channels to spread your message.

Of course, different channels work for different companies. It might be your audience are solely online. However, traditional PR doesn't need to be ignored. Getting the brand message and product out to a wider audience, using a more factual and 'thought leadership' approach, is a great tool indeed!

What does a PR team in eCommerce look like?

Assembling a PR task force is an important part of the journey. You will want a team who understands the intricacies of eCommerce and how they can apply these to a multi-channel campaign. 

  • PR Specialist: Someone who knows the ins and outs of networking, preferably with a good book of contacts. Knowing the right way to conquer outreach, discover opportunities and coordinate all PR tasks is what this role entails.
  • Content Writer/Producer: Someone who gets the brand TOV and will be able to convey this in all PR communications.
  • Events Coordinator: Events are a great way to generate buzz around a service or product. Using the network of the PR specialist, an events coordinator can throw an event that really gets people talking after it has finished.
  • The face of the brand: Or the spokesperson we should say. It's not easy vocalising a brand message when everyone knows you for great social media copy and great imagery. Find someone, or a few people, who are comfortable in an interview or public speaking setting.

So, this team will need to understand the online activities so it also translates to all PR activity. If your PR team really understands the online messaging, they will find success in the PR field!

Are you growing a PR team in your eCommerce business?

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