The Ugly Truth - The do’s and don’ts for looking jumpy on your CV!

Aug 9, 2018 9:18:51 PM

Afraid to move roles due to looking jumpy? For the lucky few out there, you may have landed your first or second junior position and be over the moon. It might be everything you have hoped for and you can see progression on the horizon.

Now, there are probably a lot of you reading that first line thinking, “lucky so and so’s”. But you are also the same professionals refusing to move to a different role. This could be for several reasons, but I bet a main one for a lot of you, is to avoid looking ‘jumpy’. Pretty much everyone has heard that word when they are looking for roles or thinking of moving. I can also guarantee you have had a recruiter say it to you a handful of times.

If you are new to this recruitment term, then a quick way to explain it is; if you move around to different jobs a lot without any real explanation or progression this equals jumpy!

The fear of being branded such a professional can make anyone not want to leave their current role. You have probably questioned yourself before, “When is the best time for me to leave?”, “Have I been in my role long enough?”, “Should I stay here longer?”.

At the end of the day, if you are having a feeling that confirms your current role is no longer right for you, then no matter how long you have been there – you should look at leaving.

The main way to get around looking jumpy is to always have an explanation for a move. Hiring managers are humans too and are aware that circumstances and decisions can mean you have to leave a role earlier then expected. Always ensure you mention the reason why on your CV or explain during your interview (hiring managers will most probably ask if it is noticeable). For permanent positions, your potential new employer wants to know you are reliable and invested in the company. For contract positions, being jumpy is not a factor and often they will want to see roles lined up one after the other, and a mix of short term and long term. (Yes, you can look off into the distance wistfully jealous of those in contract positions!) It is when you imagine those contractors on a beach during their work the green-eyed monster really starts to tap on your shoulder.

Now, it is time for the ugly truth. No, not the film with Gerald Butler and Katherine Heigl! There comes a time when we must take a long look at ourselves, and perhaps ask the question – is there a reason you are leaving jobs so soon? If you are being let go or find you are not quite enjoying it, that might be a sign you need to try a little harder and give it a real go (please excuse the bluntness!). Therefore, it is so incredibly important to put 100% thought into each role move. Having a career plan can really help with this and it is a subject we will be bringing to our blogs more often.

If you are in a position of luxury that you are not in a rush to move and can take your time, then do just that! Be picky with your job applications and this can have a dramatic affect on helping your CV to avoid looking jumpy. Maybe stating the obvious but it is very easy for us to get caught up in the excitement or desperation of finding a new job.

In conclusion to my ramble about fearing a move, taking the blame and not looking jumpy, do not let the fear of how your CV will appear stop you from moving roles. Especially in a junior position it is crucial you choose wisely but gain experience and open yourself to as many sectors within your chosen industry as possible. Ecommerce, for example, (makes sense to mention it as that is our jam) is made up of so many brands and industries that it would be silly not to become known as a number one candidate to those clients!

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