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Apr 24, 2017 3:32:55 PM

UX professionals…you are wanted!

Now, I know that sounds like the title of a bad self-help book written by a man called “Chad Blaze”, but the fact is you lot are in hot demand!

This week I attended a networking event at Google Campus intended for UX designers and start-up companies to build connections. However, upon arrival it became apparent that it was a recruiter feeding frenzy, some of whom even brought their own pop up display banners!

Okay, I’ll hold my hands up and address the elephant in the room, I was there and I’m a recruiter, but I thought I’d be the only one! It great to see so many people there who value UX and people wanting to connect with the freshest talent in the industry.

UX CV Tips

Here are some little tips for a UX CV to really add value…

Stats: When talking about impact and reach of your work always add the data to back it up! Mention how many users will see the impact of your work, mention the increased ROI, mention the changes to conversion and any other numbers that are relevant that can really bulk out your statements.

Links: People will want to see you as a whole, not just your CV and cover letter so always include links to LinkedIn, Twitter (if you have it!) your own website or any blogs you write.

Facts...not flash: Too often do we see designers with a really pretty CV, brilliantly laid out with nice graphics and charts but not enough actual content! Make sure that your CV is both well laid out but also strong with content, because while your portfolio is where you show off all those awesome design skills, your CV is your chance to really sell yourself.

So, as I said, you guys are really desirable, so make sure to keep that portfolio up to date with all your projects and case studies to have that CV gleaming!

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