#WAWLondon: Online & Offline Data

Feb 17, 2017 9:10:05 AM

The first #WAWLondon of 2017 is over, and what a great evening it was! Not only did we have a huge turnout, we had two great speakers to entertain the Analytics crowd (with the help of a beverage or two!) Here’s a quick recap of what happened at #WAWLondon: Online & Offline Data...

The complete customer view: Bringing online & offline data together

The very first speaker to take the #WAWLondon floor in 2017 was Rob McLaughlin, Head of Digital Analytics at Sky. Here are a few key takeaways...

Sky’s core values related to data

  • Real-time data decisions vs “near-time” being just as sufficient in what they want to achieve
  • “Single data truth” through strict governance – non-segmentation or data, forensic evaluation considering all metrics, preserving the grain of data
  • Obsession with identity in the “channel battlefield” – operational omnichannel view of their customers through each touchpoint
  • Targeting individuals to device level, moving away from the “household” model in the telecom industry whereby traditionally, all customer data would be related to the bill-payer in the mom/dad/2.4 kids dynamic, whereas now each user is considered as a unique user of their offering
  • Monitoring perpetual audience exchanges – sharing insights across data domains

A customer centric strategy

It goes without saying that both presentations were firmly about the customer. The second speaker to take the stage was James Cornwall, Head of Digital Analytics & Data at the Direct Line Group (DLG). What did Aimi take from DLG’s customer centric strategy?

  • Test and learn mentality as a priority – advocate interrupting the customer journey live and actively as the customer plays on the site
  • Importance of building the data capability – speed, agility, dedication to improvement
  • More investment in people and little reliance on technologies as tools needed aren’t being developed fast enough by providers
  • 1.5 digital analysts for each product within the business of insurance (i.e. motor, pets, home etc..) building actionable insights, not just reports, as the latter is archaic
  • Using IoT (internet of things) in relation to their service through data signals – the future

What a great evening for presentations! To find out what attendees thought about the latest meetup, check out the #WAWLondon feed on Twitter for all tweets from the evening!

Need some more #WAWLondon love in your life?

Don’t fear! The next event is taking place on 19th April, where the first speaker has already been confirmed – Matt Lovell, Head of Group Analytics & Digital Insights at Thomas Cook Group Airlines! Make sure you save the date!

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