Web Analytics Recruitment: How are employees feeling?

Jul 27, 2023 10:12:30 AM

Web Analytics recruitment is a competitive space. In our previous years of employee insights, we have often found that web & data analytics professionals are the most content in the eCommerce industry.

As a result, they are harder to attract as they are pretty happy in their roles. However, it's a new year of insights with our 2023 eCommerce salary survey & insights report. Let's find out how web & data analytics employees are feeling right now.

Web Analytics professionals - happiness in current role

Each year, we ask our respondents to rank their current job happiness out of ten. In 2022, the average score for our analytics respondents was 6.6/10. We are happy to report that this has increased to 7.4/10. Once again, it shows that this segment of our respondent list is far ahead in the role happiness scale!

The current work setup for analytics professionals

Remote and hybrid working is the new normal. For analytics roles, the capabilities to work remotely were always there. So, are they making the most of it? 60% are working in a hybrid capacity between the office and home, while 40% are fully remote. With no one feeling obliged to be in the office full time, perhaps this openness to flexibility in the web analytics sector is a big reason for the higher job happiness score.

Salaries - was there a rise in fortunes?

In our overall salary survey results, 69% saw an increase in their salary. For this post, we will take the answers from our web & data analytics respondents only. 79% shared that they received a pay rise - once again the highest figure across our specialisms. The remaining 21% said that their salary remained the same.

Diversity in marketing leadership teams

Diversity and inclusion has become an important topic, so we definitely wanted to cover it in our salary survey this year. So, we asked respondents to rank the diversity of the leadership team. Analytics professionals ranked this an average of 6/10. In the overall results, the average score was 4.8. So, are analytics teams putting more focus on diversity than others? Looking at all of these insights, it seems web & data analytics departments are getting things right!

Do you have web analytics recruitment plans?

We hope we have given you valuable insights when it comes to web & data analytics professionals! You can download a full copy of our 2023 report below!

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