Wellbeing trends for the future to look out for…

Aug 4, 2021 5:30:58 PM

Well-being can have different meanings from mental and physical health to overall happiness and quality of life. This is relative to individual people and can play a part in productivity and absenteeism at work.

Now that there is a huge expectation for employers to care about employee health after opportunities presented by the pandemic on improving mental health in the workplace. A study by Bupa UK has evidenced that 36% of those surveyed would agree that their employer is presently understanding about mental health. 

Tailored support for each employee

Increasing factors to improve employee wellbeing is an opportunity for recovery and restoration.

Every person has their own unique way of achieving their full potential, the secret is to communicate with them to unlock this. The support a company offers needs to be able enough to meet everyone’s various needs.

Easy Access

Ensure your employees have quick and easy access to both physical and mental health which can lead to improved concentration, therefore productivity and reduce absenteeism. This also makes the employee’s feel supported and builds trust between employer and employee. At Cranberry Panda we have joined forces with the private healthcare company, vitality where our employees are encouraged to understand their health and get rewarded for it.

Promote flexibility

Offering greater flexibility whilst working such as hybrid work encourages a better work-life balance. Since many of us have already conquered this after realising that we have complete many tasks with the same amount of productivity or more from the comfort of our home. This is a huge factor when it comes to boosting company optimism. At Cranberry Panda we offer a hybrid working model which includes working from home and an incredible 4-day working week incentive.

Consistent support

It’s very important to look out for company’s that have consistent mental health support for both treatment and recovery especially following a return to the office.

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