We’re growing! Meet our newest pandas

Sep 7, 2022 4:02:41 PM

We are excited to be welcoming four new pandas to the clan! Joining us at various levels, from Associate Recruiters to Senior Consultants, we are adding a lot of experience and value to our eCommerce recruitment family.

Let’s hear from our newbies about their experience so far…

Anas, Associate Recruitment Consultant

"Stepping into a new industry like recruitment, I was excited and ready to give anything that came towards me a go. It can usually be daunting stepping into a fast-paced environment especially when you don’t know anything at all about the industry but the level of training, I received from the moment I started at Cranberry Panda was phenomenal.

Everyone was so friendly and willing to help with whatever you needed. It’s such a fun environment and welcoming that you instantly feel a part of the team without going through that awkward transition in period. It just felt right. Now just over a month in, I couldn’t be happier with my team and where I am currently in my recruitment journey and really looking forward to seeing where I end up."

Reach out to Anas for Marketplace roles. 

Lyla, Associate Recruitment Consultant

"My first month at CP has really shown me that I’m surrounded by people that want me to succeed.

I’ve learnt a lot from training days, one-to-one mentoring and just being able to ask for help and support both from the TechNET and Cranberry Panda peeps. It was great that I was able to choose my specialism right from the start and I’m really enjoying getting to know the analytics market. I also enjoyed starting with this journey with other newbies.

I am looking forward to more learning and development at CP."

Reach out to Lyla for Data Analytics roles. 

Chanice, Associate Recruitment Consultant

"Before entering Cranberry Panda, I knew nothing about recruitment and in just under a month I am amazed to say that I have already learned so much thanks to the support of such an amazing team and the best training programme I have had the chance to access.

I have enjoyed being surrounded by a team of experts that have given me an insight into their personal journey allowing me to learn new lessons from them every day that I have then been able to apply to my own work. I have been welcomed with open arms from all which I am extremely grateful for, and I am thrilled to start my future in such an incredible company!"

Reach out to Chanice for Product Management roles. 

Sarah, Senior Recruitment Consultant

"Being back in the marketing space fills me with joy. It’s been a great learning curve and every day brings something new and exciting.

Cranberry Panda has blown my mind in the last 6 weeks with the perfect level of support, training, and development, but more importantly working in a team of like-minded experts is so inspirational. I am looking forward to my future here – the sky’s the limit!"

Reach out to Sarah for roles in Marketing. 

It is great to hear such positive feedback from our new starters, and we look forward to seeing their success over the next few months!

Interested in working with us? We are always on the look out for top recruitment talent to join the team.

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