Why is it important to be a part of a company that understands what you do?

Jul 5, 2018 3:55:17 PM

What part do you play in your company?

For a senior professional how to gain appreciation and understanding within your role.

A huge factor that can decide whether we stay in a company or not, is if we feel valued. For many senior professionals in the Ecommerce industry, there is nothing worse then going to work each day and knowing you are just a number on a spreadsheet. We each work in our Ecommerce profession to make a difference and gain recognition for our efforts whether that be daily or randomly when it is deserved.

You may have the respect of your team but does this respect extend across the business?

For those lucky few, being able to recognise your own achievements and worth in a company is enough! I am sure for a few of you, you would prefer to tick most of the boxes in your career and can substitute for not being fully appreciated. But surely, it is hard to complete your work to its full potential if your company is not behind your department or role. Budget is a major factor in what makes the Ecommerce industry go around and without the money, new programmes cannot be installed, technology improvements cannot be made and the possibility of expanding your department is shut down immediately.

Let’s look at what your current job includes:

  • A decent salary – CHECK
  • Good location and the commute is bearable – CHECK
  • The team you have works hard and meets their personal targets – CHECK
  • You enjoy the work itself and it is something you have worked towards - CHECK
  • Progression in the company from your Senior position – NOT POSSIBLE DUE TO BUDGETS
  • Team expansion that you desperately need to hit group targets – NOT POSSIBLE DUE TO BUDGETS
  • Your new ideas are utilised and taken on board – NOT POSSIBLE DUE TO BUDGETS
  • Directors are putting in extra resources to help progress what you are currently doing – NOT POSSIBLE DUE TO BUDGETS AND THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND!

Does any of this sound familiar? For you personally the essential boxes have been ticked, but now as a Manager you must think of the team and your outer responsibility in the company. But if you are part of a company that does not understand the importance of the work you do, and they do not have the budget to help you expand – can you stay in this position?

Why is it important your company understands your department?

It is probably self-explanatory this question but we at cranberry panda feel it is important to establish these factors. It is easy to get distracted with work and forget to notice that not having a supportive management and director panel behind you can be detrimental to your career.

Ever had a friend or colleague that has been made redundant due to budget cuts? Seven times out of ten that is because the company did not understand or see the benefit of their role.

Especially within the Ecommerce industry, advances in processes and technologies requires a progressive company culture. As a manager who must take competitors into consideration, if you are coming up with new ideas to beat the competition and improve productivity – you need your superiors to be on board. Otherwise will you ever feel valued in your job? Or jealous of the friends whose Directors give them the budget and resources to kick the industries (for better words) ecommerce behinds!

What can you do to boost your profile in your company!

Education! There is a delicate way to go about this when you are trying to educate senior managers and directors about what you do in the company – but it can be done! Depending on your ecommerce specialism they may not understand the technical terms but having them on board will make them realise how much they need you or your team!

Do not be afraid to speak up and input your ideas into the company. The more you appear on the company’s radar and show you are trying to implement profitable change – you will get noticed!

What do you think?

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