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Posted: 1st of December 2018 by Tessa Fyson

Why wait until January to make a change?

Career Advice & Tips

It is very easy to get side tracked when it comes to the end of a year. An almost natural reaction for us to slow down and unwind when November/December sneaks around. But what if we didn’t slow down? You will hear your managers and directors saying daily as it gets to October, that you need to speed up, so business can keep ticking over.

For you personally, it is even more important for you to keep trudging through. The most convenient option is to claim that we will change in the new years and the job search will start then. But, take a second to think about the time you could put towards progressing your career now.

Contrary to popular belief, recruitment agencies, brands and companies do not stop recruiting just because it is December. If anything, companies want new starters to begin as early in 2019 as possible so they are keen to hire new talent. It is a huge benefit for candidates and employers! There is nothing more time consuming then coming back to a brand-new year and having to train multiple team members at the same time. For all the employees and potential candidates out there, why stay with your current company into January and February? Avoid the pain of learning new processes and starting new projects when you know your heart is not in it and you may be leaving soon.

What is stopping you applying for those roles?

It is a huge step moving into a new position, and it can be terrifying for two main reasons. One, you do not know anybody! What if the team you join is not what you are used to? Two, it is a lot of hard work and commitment to learn a new way of working and to take on more responsibility. Let’s flip it, instead of it being terrifying … it is EXCITING! What a way to start 2019 by pushing yourself to the max and proving to yourself you are capable of much more than what you have grown comfortable with.

Comfort is the killer of dreams! It is an odd and uncomfortable statistic to know that we spend more time in our lives with our colleagues then we do our family, children and partners. For a lot of you, you have worked your way through 2019 telling yourself that you are fine, and you will look for jobs soon. Let me guess, for some of you that never happened? Recruiters, therefore the brands and companies you have been dying to work for, are still looking for you! As October/November passes, employers will ask the question; ‘How soon can the candidate start?’. They want you to welcome in 2019 as a part of their company!

Another factor, which I am sorry to shine the light on a flaw, is that perhaps we are just getting lazy. You have been working hard all year and you just want to relax. There is nothing wrong with that, but if we are all still going to work every day till Christmas then put the time to good use! We have some helpful tips for those individuals, put some time aside to update your CV and upload it to your phone. Download some recruitments apps and save some of your top recruitment agencies (cough, cough, cranberry panda!) and apply as you go along. You may be hungover on a Saturday, waiting for a date to get back from the bathroom or are having a quiet night in with pizza and a movie – but it does not take long with the right search techniques to find the right role for you!

Don’t just make the start of 2019 amazing – but make the end of 2018 memorable. Take some time to look through our roles and talk to our pandas. It is not too late to add that next step to your CV and career history.



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