Why you need to promote your company culture

Nov 18, 2015 4:04:59 PM

Not long ago, we looked at candidates who might not consider company culture as an urgent part of their job search. However, the idea of a cultural fit is becoming more important as candidates seek brands that they can see themselves working WITH, not for.

So, as an employer, do you really need to promote your company culture? Could losing a perfect candidate because they personally didn’t 100% click with the company be avoidable? There are so many things to consider, which the pandas are keen to share.

Why you should constantly promote your company culture

When someone decides it’s time to move on, the manager is suddenly thrust in to a mad panic to find their successor. Company culture shouldn’t only be a factor when you’re hiring; it should be on the radar at all times.

If it is, the candidates who apply will already have knowledge of what the brand values and represents.  Half the work is already done, as they are people who just might fit into your company because they identified with it enough to apply. Now, it’s time to retain that sense of great culture that they have about the brand.

What will promoting a company culture achieve?

First of all, promoting a great culture will strengthen your ability to attract great team members. You want people who are not only great at what they do, but who will be able to represent the company and work alongside it. Attracting these people from the moment you advertise a role will weed out the people who wouldn’t slot into the role easily.

Shouting about your company culture, through social media channels for example, whenever you can is great. How do your employees benefit from the culture and are you keeping your word that they do reap the benefits? Your employees don’t just do their day jobs, but they are invited to industry events to further their skills and networks. You have great company outings to reward hard work. Sharing evidence of this on social media will really attract candidates, from those applying to jobs immediately or candidates thinking about a change.

Of course, keeping the employees you already have involved as a close knit team at all times will push them to do even better things. Having people who work in the company singing its praises is a huge win for a company as it strives to promote its culture and community. 

Telling the company story

There are some candidates who prefer a corporate environment where they can apply themselves to their work with a methodical daily routine. Then there are those who love the high pressure of a start-up, where the whole team throw themselves into the daily routine.

Establishing the nature of the company values and vision allows you to tell the story of the company. Who would you like to join the team? What kind of employee would work best with the job you are advertising? A candidate can determine where they will fit and how their skills will contribute to the company as a whole if they know the vision it is working towards. How time saving would it be to have people who can promote their skills to you, in line with a clear vision? You can then offer them something in return for their skills – room to grow, a chance for new skills and so on. An interest in potential AND existing employees and their career growth is vital in a great company culture.

Ultimately, your company culture is what defines everyone who works there. They shouldn’t adhere to it, they should LIVE it. You can consistently offer improvement and opportunities, to promote a culture that is constantly adapting and thriving to be as creative as it can be. Who wouldn’t want to work for such a place? 

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