Work-life balance in ecommerce - an overview: Part 2

Aug 14, 2019 8:00:00 AM

Welcome back to our exclusive focus on work-life balance in ecommerce! In part one, we looked at overall sentiments on work-life balance and how ecommerce leaders can encourage it in their teams.

It was a great place to start, but there is plenty more to cover! In this part, we will look at work-life balance and career seniority. Do senior ecommerce professionals find it harder to strike the balance than junior employees? We will also look at the commute, which is a huge part in the working day. Are longer commutes responsible for ecommerce professionals struggling to find more time for themselves outside of work?

Work-life balance vs ecommerce career seniority

Are ecommerce professionals finding it easier to keep a good work-life balance earlier in their careers?

Junior professionals (Assistant to Executive)

What do junior ecommerce professionals feel about their work-life balance? Here’s what they revealed when asked if they were happy with it currently…

  • Yes: 65%
  • No: 16%
  • Not sure: 19%

Mid-level professionals (Senior executive to Manager)

Are mid-level ecommerce professionals the happiest with their work-life balance? Here’s what they told us…

  • Yes: 59%
  • No: 24%
  • Not sure: 17%

Senior level professionals (Senior manager to Director)

Are senior ecommerce professionals overworked? Let’s see what they said when asked if they are happy with their work-life balance…

  • Yes: 60%
  • No: 23%
  • Not sure: 17%

Surprisingly, albeit slightly, mid-level professionals are least happy with their work-life balance. At this stage in their career, perhaps it is the time to prove themselves so they can climb up to a more senior role. However, ambition doesn’t mean well being needs to be pushed aside.

The commute & work-life balance

Let’s be honest…the commute isn’t always the best part of the day. If you have to squeeze onto a busy train or deal with delays, it’s easy to get frustrated. The commute is often seen as an extension of the working day – even if you leave the office on time, a long or delayed commute obviously means you don’t spend as much time unwinding at home. Below is a break down of current commute times of our questionnaire respondents…

Commutes in ecommerceIsn’t the dream commute a nice ten minute stroll to the office? Looking at the above stats, most of our respondents have a commute that is up to an hour. How does this affect work-life balance?

  • Less than 15 minutes to 30 minutes: 63% of respondents with a commute up to 30 minutes are happy with their work-life balance.
  • 30 minutes to 60 minutes: With 64% of this group telling us they are happy with their work-life balance, it seems a commute that is less than an hour has less of an effect on work-life balance.
  • 1 hour to 2 hours: 58% of respondents with a commute of 1 – 2 hours are happy with their work-life balance, so we can see the number has dropped as the commute time grows!
  • 2 hours+: 2 or more hours is a long time to be commuting and would of course eat into home time. Unsurprisingly, only 36% of people who commute for this time are happy with their work-life balance.

Is work-life balance encouraged in your ecommerce team?

That concludes our exclusive insight into work-life balance in ecommerce, taken from our 2019 ecommerce salary survey & insights report. Are you wondering how work-life balance can be better encouraged in your team? Perhaps you’re a manager who wants to prioritise this? Check out our blog below for some top tips!

Want to know how to encourage a better work-life balance?

Achieving work-life balance

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