Worried you’re overqualified? There is no such thing!

Nov 30, 2018 9:30:29 AM

Have you ever been told you’re overqualified for a role? When you climb the career ladder to a senior position, you accumulate plenty of skills, wisdom and experience along the way. This is all going to look amazing on your CV, right?

Then there comes a time where, following a great career journey so far, it’s time for a fresh challenge. Perhaps you’re keen to offer your experience to a start up or try your hand in a different industry within ecommerce.

This could even mean a slight side step while you navigate new waters and start the next phase of your career. If you’re really prepared to make a big change, it could even mean a step down in terms of salary to make your big career dream come true. So, what’s stopping you from doing this? If a role appeals and the company is one you really want to work with, the answer should be nothing.

But what if I’m overqualified for this job?

We’ve had a few conversations with ecommerce candidates recently, who are keen to make a slight shift to achieve a major career goal. Be it to work for a specific company or try a new industry, they told us there’s one thing holding them back…their amazing experience.

In other words, they are holding back from applying for the roles they truly want because of one thing…being overqualified!

You know what we think? There is no such thing as over qualified! Think about it…how can someone with the right skills, attitude and passion to ace this role not be a right fit? Is it the fear that the person might not feel challenged once they start and move on soon after? Many people would feel that they probably won’t be considered because employers fear this happening.

Do not feel discouraged. We’ve compiled a few approaches you can take so that you can alleviate those fears and apply with confidence.

Gain confidence and apply

It’s all about mindset; you’re not overqualified, you’re not wasting your time and you can make this career step work. Here are a few ways to change your approach and in no time, you will be applying for those roles.

What are the employers worried about? Find out before they tell you! If you’re really concerned that they will overlook you due to overqualification, don’t allow them to pull this card at the end of the process – there won’t be much room to move at this point. Instead, find out what they’re thinking at the start with simple questions. Is there anything else you need to know about my application? What do you see as the right fit for this role? Get their thoughts and counter any concerns early in the process.

Great experience means great wisdom – why should it be a negative? Not only can you help this company thrive, but you can act as mentor to other employees and really become a valued member of the team. You will have made your requirements in terms of salary, responsibilities at the start, so show them they have nothing to worry about. In fact, they’ll be gaining a truly fantastic employee!

Think about this – who wants to go into a role and simply fulfil a list of responsibilities from the original job specification? Junior to senior, everyone wants to go above and beyond what is expected of them. If you are declined the chance to interview because you’re a good candidate, do you really want to work there? The world of work is all about respecting and nurturing talent, no matter the seniority level. Keep that in mind and realise you’re doing a great job!

Your passion will speak for itself

You may encounter obstacles in your search for this new job or career change, but your passion will shine through. Are you looking for a new opportunity or some advice about a big career change? Talk to us pandas and we can help you start your new adventure!

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