Would a member of your team stay for you?

Oct 26, 2018 1:17:00 PM

Unfortunately, here comes the hard part and not the easiest topic to discuss so, I will keep it brief … would your team members stay for you? If they got the opportunity to move to a different job, would they say no to stay with you and the team. Finding a company with incredible culture is hard to come by and it can make a job that is just okay, into one that you’re excited to go to each day.

It is a difficult decision to leave a job that you have enjoyed, especially when you have an amazing team and supportive managers to go along with it. But, at what point do we stop our growth in our careers, so we can stay with what we know?

Cons of staying put instead of leaving

‘On the other side of fear lies freedom’.

It is a scary concept to leave what we know, and it is in our human nature to want to stay safe. But, what happens when the atmosphere is great, and you start to enjoy work less and less. A few of you probably know what I am talking about, it is never anything to do with your team but your passion for your work and the effort you put in is decreasing.

Staying is the easier option as it is better to have a great team than having career progression … right?

At some point, we must move on, so we can earn more money, see the world or gain that title we have always wanted. A supportive team will stand behind you no matter what and will push you to your limits.

Would they do the same for you?

I remember when I was younger, we had some amazing neighbours and when the chance came to move to a new house in another country my parents said no. They were sure our neighbours would never leave either, so we decided to stay. A year later our neighbours moved to a different city and we realised we have missed out on an amazing opportunity.

You may find the colleagues asking you to stay are the ones who, if offered the best job, would take it. Now, just to be clear it will never be out of malice - if anything what an amazing compliment that your colleagues do not want you to leave.

But, for peace of mind we recommend taking a step back and writing down the pros and cons of staying. You wanted to leave for some reason and accepted that job offer for some reason … explore the reasons why and if you do decide to stay, make sure your company knows what you want to gain.

Look at our blog discussing the alternative to leaving a job which is taking on more responsibility. If the team you work with is amazing, make sure you are happy with the work too. Getting the balance right is crucial!

What do you think?

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