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Your first ecommerce job is the first step into a wonderful industry. Whether you go down the digital marketing route or the web analytics route, you’re going to learn a lot!

As you grow and learn, the time will eventually come when you decide to move on from your first ecommerce job. Of course, if you love the company you work in you can consider climbing the career ladder there, but you may also want to spread your wings!

Once you’ve decided it’s time to start a new job search, it’s good to reflect on how far you’ve come and where you see yourself next – this second step up the ladder is very important…just like every other step!

What did you enjoy most about your first ecommerce job?

To reflect on your first opportunity in the ecommerce industry, the best place to start is looking at what you enjoyed the most. This will really help you develop an idea of what you want your new job to look like.

For example, if you work in digital marketing, did you love being a broad marketer with input on every channel or was there a particular channel that you couldn’t wait to get stuck into? It’s at this point in your career where there’s still so much to learn, but you can really shape the path you take.

If you did want to specialise in a field, it may initially seem like a career side step as you learn to become an expert in this, but that’s OK! You already have the experience from your first role to draw from and apply to your new role!

However, if you’re happy with the direction you’re already headed, then ensure every positive you have taken from your first job continues with you. The question to ask is what kind of role would supercharge the career happiness you already have?

When looking at the positives of your first role, you should also look at what you’d like to avoid in your next role…always know what makes you happy in your day to day work life!

What are your most valuable learnings?

It’s great to also think about all the great things you have learned, in every aspect of the working world.

  • What skills have you developed most?
  • What have you learned about taking direction from management?
  • What have you learned about working in a team?
  • What have you learned about your style of working?
  • What were the big mistakes you made and how did you resolve it?
  • How do you work under pressure?
  • Can you establish a good work-life balance as you grow in your career?

This list of questions can go on…but it’s good to consider these, especially for interviews! Also have a think about what you could improve or learn more about in your next role too!

Seek advice

We know what you’re thinking…just because you’re at an early stage in your career you must seek advice on what to do next. Wrong! We would ask people at every stage in their career to ask for advice. Career advice isn’t just for junior employees!

You know you’re ready to move on to your next role, but it’s good to get some ideas and advice about what that next step looks like. Speak to family, speak to recruitment agencies and to others in your industry who have been there. You know what you’ve learned from your first role…now you just need to find an opportunity you can apply these learnings to and other people can help!

Need to chat about your next step?

The pandas are always here to lend a helping paw – contact us today and send us your CV so we can discuss that exciting next step in your career!


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