Your inbox is full! Our final entry in the email marketing and CRM miniseries

Jul 28, 2015 10:47:36 AM

We hope you’ve enjoyed the email marketing and blog miniseries so far! Today, we conclude our focus on email marketing and CRM insights in ecommerce roles.

To round it all off, we want to focus more on the customer that all the email marketing and customer relationship campaigns are meant for. Understand the brand, and you’ll understand the customers.

Understanding the current customer base

Email campaigns today require a thorough understanding of who your emails are going to. Our email marketing and CRM panda, Haley, knows how important this is. “A luxury brand would want someone from a luxury background. Recognising the customer is imperative.”

Keeping a tight grip on the personalisation of your campaigns relates to this. Think of some content, and calls to action the customer base of the company would want. Would you send an email to a customer about the best high heel shoes you have on offer, without targeting it just right? When that email finds itself in the inbox of a trainer wearing dad of three, the campaign would soon face ridicule. Study the potential customer base, and explain how you can personalise your campaigns going forward.

How can you optimise your ecommerce background to succeed?

Your skills in creating effective campaigns, laden with proof of all your skills might not be enough. Really evaluate the role you are applying for, and estimate how you can relate to that brand. If there is a brand you really want to work with, but feel it’s not in line with previous experience, there is no need for panic. Approach it as a customer, studying what makes you feel valued and what you feel isn’t done as well in their customer approach.

Letting the customers be part of the growth

After a bit of snooping, we came across a great campaign that spoke to the target audience while getting to learn even more about them. Petflow encouraged users to share videos and comments of them using their products on social media. It provided feedback and proof all in one go, which the brand used for their proceeding email campaign.

As we said, looking in as the customer puts you in their shoes. Walking alongside them is even better! 


Your friends in the social media marketing department will come in extremely handy. The campaign we outlined above is an example of tracking the customer interaction in a positive way. One picture on Instagram might be getting a great response, while the free giveaway on Facebook is exploding. The WHOLE company needs to have a collective idea of what ticks, otherwise there’ll be major brand confusion when your email campaign doesn’t pack the same punch.

Customer Journey Mapping

If there is a gap in performance between online and offline experience, would you be able to fill it? Show that you can fix problems based on results and research, not simple assumptions. There is great humility in being able to admit where you went wrong, and even more if you rush out to correct the error. You don’t want to take a step back, or remain on the same page . . . you want to constantly change with the times, just like your customers.


Does the company you hope to work with have a good reviews/feedback system? Why not go through the most recent of the feedback, both good and bad. Pay close attention to what the customers are saying. Are they new customers, completely dissatisfied? Loyal customers who have just had their first negative experience? Feed all this back in your interview, and what your analysis is. What could you take from them to improve customer relationships, or ensure new customers are not scared away?

A final look at what you can expect!

We pandas love email marketing and CRM within the ecommerce sector. We hope you do too, and we have one last insight into the industry. According to our 2015 salary survey, CRM/email marketing specialist roles have had a significant increase in salary banding.

In 2014, the expected salary band in these roles was £30-50k, compared to £30-60k this year. So, what are you waiting for? If you love email marketing and CRM, you have even more incentive to use our handy tips. Apply for your dream job right now!

And there you have it. . .

So that concludes our miniseries on email marketing & CRM roles within ecommerce. No need to shed any panda tears, as the next miniseries will follow very soon. 

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