You’ve got MORE mail! Part Two of our exploration into email marketing & CRM roles

Jul 27, 2015 2:46:25 PM

Following on from our last insight into ecommerce employment trends for email marketers and CRM superstars, we continue to hold these specialisms under the spotlight! We have even more input from one of our pandas, so you are being well and truly spoilt.

Today, we will look at in demand skills for email marketing and CRM roles and we'll be handpicking some beneficial tips. We like to think this can lead to you being the stand out star in your next job application!

In demand skills for email marketing & CRM roles

After a quick chat with Haley, our email marketing and CRM panda, we came across one interesting takeaway.

  • “HTML skills are rare (for both junior, mid and senior candidates that I have spoken to) but are really useful for a candidate to have and clients do like this as a highly desirable skill.” As Haley says, this refers to candidates she has spoken to, so we are not saying this is universal.  
  • Upon a small job ad study on different job boards, we saw that calls for HTML across a range of junior-senior roles varied. Of the 20 roles we looked at, 12 roles did not mention HTML whatsoever. Of the remaining 8 roles, 3 stated HTML as essential. These were all senior roles, requiring over five years of experience. The final 5 categorised it as ‘desirable’. Are employers afraid to ask for this skill? Our advice is, if you have the knowledge, even if they’re not asking for it. . . SHOUT about it! 

How could I really stand out?

We see above how some skills have employers tip toeing around, but they WILL want to know about it. What better ways to impress than to shine with some hidden know how and insider knowledge? We recommend going above and beyond the job specification, so that once you’ve proven yourself on the listed skills, the field is open for you to distinguish yourself. What areas of email marketing and CRM can you bring forward for your next application?

Best Practices

Make your prospective employer aware that you fully understand the industry, from the importance of alt text right down to the legal intricacies. During our small job ad study highlighted above, this wasn’t mentioned a single time. Enlighten the employer that you always follow the ethical way of reaching out to customers.

Following some personal research, determine whether the employer is after a triggered campaign approach or a higher volume of recipients. Even if they do have a campaign tactic with more recipients over a smaller list with higher engagement, show them you can implement it with the prospective recipients always in mind. After all, no one likes a spammer!

Relevant Imagery

More campaigns are adopting bold and impressive images to really catch attention. Do you use Instagram? Photoshop? Or maybe you’re a general photograph wizard? Let the employers know, as you would be in a strong position of having original yet relevant imagery for their (hopefully soon to be yours) campaign ideas.

Recent statistics 

Knowing the current climate is necessary for any job application. However, how often do people slide statistics into their answers at an interview? Look at some email marketing benchmark reports, and see how the industry compares to others. For example, did you know the average open rate for ecommerce email campaigns in June 2015 was 22.6 per cent? Knowing the current trends and stats will highlight your ability to bring fresh ideas to the table.

Time for a breather. . .

We are not quite done, but want to give you a quick breather. Ready to keep reading? Take a look at our final email marketing and CRM insights blog!

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