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Im-paw-tant dates to add to your calendar

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Mastering Multichannel

Park Plaza Waterloo Lambeth, London, SE1 7DP

How can brands be more efficient and profitable? At Commerce Futures' Mastering Multichannel event, speakers...

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  • 31st of January 2018 WAWLondon: Get ready for 2018 - RS Components Story & Analytics 'Lightning Talks'

    Get ready for the first WAWLondon of 2018! To start the year off, the latest edition of WAWLondon will offer something a little...
  • 25th of January 2018 Digital Style: Disrupt or Evolve

    As a retailer, you're under more pressure than ever. You're facing growing competition from disruptive brands. And established...
  • 21st of December 2017 YADVENT: The Amy May Trust

    It's Thursday takeover time with the YADA team! YADA will be holding YADVENT: The Amy May Trust on December 21st to boost...
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